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Good(ish) news February 28, 2017

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From the IT:

Unemployment is now on course to dip below 6 per cent, close to what economists consider full employment, by the middle of this year following another monthly slide in the official jobless rate.
Central Statistics Office (CSO) data, released on Tuesday, put the State’s unemployment rate at a nine-year low of 6.6 per cent in February.

It would be useful to see where the job growth is occurring and what the situation outside of Dublin and the East Coast is. It is also worth noting the following:

Davy analyst Conall Mac Coille said net emigration had flattered Ireland’s unemployment rate in the past. “Unemployment would have been higher had Ireland not seen net outward migration of 155,000 through 2010 to 2015.”


1. GW - March 1, 2017

It depends on how the figures are currently massaged, doesn’t it?

One-Parent Family Payment (OFP) recipients are not included on the live register for some reason. How many of these are there, does anyone know? Just looked it up – about 42k in 2015.

And 3.7 % net migration over 6 years is quite a (non)achievement – though not on a par with similar efforts of the RoI in the past.

Any figures for underemployment – part timers / temporary workers who would work more if they could?


CMK - March 1, 2017

There are the guts of 60,000 on various training schemes and workfare schemes (actually I think that’s an underestimate). Statistically you only have to work one hour per week to count as ’employed’.

Yes it good news that the figures are down for the human suffering reflected in those figures over the past 10 years has been immense and casts a pall over any ‘good news’.


2. deiseach - March 1, 2017

It’s great news. Ibec and their ilk have been telling us for the best part of a decade that we can’t have pay increases at the present time. The future has arrived and we can all look forward to a little extra, right?



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