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The wisdom of this crowd: What will the border look like in five years time? March 1, 2017

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An Sionnach Fionn wrote this last week how pessimistic the situation appears to be in relation to the Border and this island in the wake of Brexit. I’m of a similar view. I cannot see how there can be any amelioration of that given the nature of Brexit and the completely lack of regard to this island by the British government. Northern Ireland will not be part of the EU, or – one suspects – have any particular special status. It is just barely conceivable that under another government, a Labour one, it might have been possible to forge some sort of agreement but not this one, and the idea Labour will enter power any time soon seems unlikely.

So where does that leave us? What are we looking at down the road?


1. EWI - March 1, 2017

If the Scots leave, the 95-year-old teddybear of Little Englander self-delusion that the ‘United Kingdom’ hasn’t broken up will surely be taken away. In that situation, will they particularly bother with NI, other than as an excuse to discover an Irish enemy? They’ve already laid claim to the entirety of Lough Foyle.


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