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Peter Graham Letter To A Comrade 9th October,1968. March 3, 2017

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Via The Irish Republican & Marxist History Project who believe this letter-article written by Peter Graham is one of the most important published by them. It is because Graham left little or no writings before he was assassinated in 1971. 



1. oconnorlysaght - March 3, 2017

Being a political opponent at the time, I never saw this letter until now. I would remark just that I think Pete was premature in saying that the crowd rushed the cops. My memory is that there was a certain lull after Eamon McCann’s speech which either cops or demonstrators could have ended.In the end, it was the cops, who moved, as they were united in their determination, as the marchers were not. (Once they moved, they were divided between merely brutal and ultra-violent, but that’s another story.)
Pete omits, too, the fact that with the Belfast YS, we visited the Home Affairs Minister, Bill Craig (Remember him?). Of course we got no change from him, except the glorious quote, ‘the people of Londonderry have nothing to be excited about,’


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