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Journey around the Moon March 4, 2017

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I’m a bit sceptical about the proposed circum-lunar mission Elon Musk of SpaceX has proposed for next year. This will be lofted into space on the Falcon Heavy rocket – which has yet to fly. Gulp.

A lot seems to have to go right before it can be pulled off, and I wonder if he’d have been better keeping quiet about it until there was more flesh on the bones. By the way, I think that it’s a great idea, we’ve been limited to Low Earth Orbit for far too long.

That said, a thought-provoking piece in the current Scientific American which suggests that the danger of radiation to astronauts on missions outside LEO may not be fully appreciated. And shielding is, as of yet, not an option. I’ve noted Charles Stross and his decidedly pessimistic views on not just interstellar but interplanetary travel before. I think we’re a long long way from any sort of significant reach into space. A quick hop around the Moon may not be too great a problem, but for other missions…

Meanwhile, Musk is running into a bit of troubling in other areas. Good to see some pushback against his line on workers…

Last night, tunneling fan CEO Elon Musk sent an email to Tesla employees firing back against allegations of poor working conditions and low pay. He rebutted claims made by Jose Moran, a production worker at the company’s Fremont factory, that mandatory overtime pushed the workforce there to suffer preventable injuries. Musk’s message to the Tesla troops alleged that an internal investigation disproved the conditions claim and criticized the United Auto Workers (UAW) for inciting Tesla workers to unionize.


But to sweeten over his workers, Musk assured his workforce that creature comforts were coming to the Fremont factory. Aside from a “really amazing party” he plans to throw once the Model 3 reaches volume production, the facility will also get things like free frozen yogurt stands and a Tesla electric pod car roller coaster for fun and cross-campus travel. Take that, boring parking shuttles.

hmmm… does he really think frozen yoghurt and roller coaster fun is all it takes to pacify workers?


1. Grim Stalinist Party-Pooper - March 4, 2017

Sorry but I can work up even less enthusiasm for space-tourism for the rich than I can for self-driving electric cars.

Ukochanys, in contrast, never fail to get the pulse racing.


WorldbyStorm - March 4, 2017

Yeah, I don’t like space tourism for the rich either. Interestingly so far it’s just been the Russian space agency that has provided same. NASA won’t. Musk et al are clearly gagging to get in on the act. Personally I think it’s all a pointless cul-de-sac in space activities.

Tractors are okay, but roddy is our expert on that subject.


2. FergusD - March 4, 2017

These silicon valley/tech “entrepeneur” billionaires are truly odious aren’t they! They are all up for identity politics (it seems), but class, of course, is another thing.


Dermot O Connor - March 5, 2017

Though if they do go to the moon, at least they’ll take a few billion cosmic ray hits. Should be good for the occasional brain tumor.


WorldbyStorm - March 5, 2017

And tellingly the next generation aren’t even social liberals but ultra right.


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