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Terrible, terrible… goes against EU rules… terrible… March 6, 2017

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A sort of companion piece to Stephen Collins in the IT at the end of last week was Noel Whelan’s complaint about the same issue – FF’s lack of support for charging for excessive water use. Given that it seems an article of faith that water usage is excessive in some instances it’s odd how little evidence was presented by Collins or Whelan, or – strike that – not little, but none. It’s well worth a read if only because it is so vague.

Fine Gael argues that in order to comply with European law, and avoid hundreds of millions of euros in fines, we must at a minimum provide for a charge on the excessive use of water. The independent commission report published in December also recommended a charge for excessive water use and appeared to accept this was necessary to comply with European law.


Sinn Féin, the AAA-PBP and left-of-centre Independent deputies oppose even a charge for excessive water use. This is mainly because they see it as a means by which domestic water charges could later be reintroduced by the back door. Fianna Fáil has shifted its position repeatedly over the last seven years and is now also opposed even to charges for excessive use. They dispute that such excessive use is a problem and suggest that a so far unused (and in my view unworkable) provision in a 2007 Act under which people could be prosecuted in the District Court is a better way to police and discourage excessive use.

Note that Whelan doesn’t even begin to address the concern over domestic water charges being reintroduced. Doesn’t even factor with him. And note that he dismisses FF’s plan.

Yet a curious contradiction is evident in comments where, as is noted when it comes to corporation tax the EU is far from sacrosanct, whereas with water charges… the skies will fall if the EU line isn’t followed.

It will be telling how this all plays out. But if FF remains onside…


1. sonofstan - March 6, 2017

I like the idea of a companion blog called ‘that’s terrible, that is’

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