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How do the Assembly Election results impact on politics in the ROI? March 7, 2017

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RTÉ was leading with the idea at the weekend that Sinn Féin’s broad success in the North last week would make Fianna Fáil and others think twice about having an election in the ROI any time soon (though some of us have argue that FF is in no hurry even before last week to pull the plug wth their polling numbers still mired). It certainly seems logical – Sinn Féin sweeping much, if not all, before it and coming to a fairly close parity with the DUP is bound to have an effect? But does a political partitionism function in these instances? And are FF sensible to be wary (and Garibaldy’s point about how this may soften FF’s cough north of the border is very very interesting)?


1. irishelectionliterature - March 7, 2017

The 2019 Local Elections is when FF aim to run but time is marching on. They have a few Independent Cllrs ready to join the fold (some have already joined but interestingly failed to mention FF in their Election Material) , they have branches in some of the Universities and a few Cumman elsewhere in the North.
There is an enthusiasm among the membership to run, primarily as a stick to beat SF with in that the true Republicans of FF would also be an All Ireland party.
You’d have to wonder what the target is? win 10 Council seats? win 20 Council seats?


WorldbyStorm - March 7, 2017

That’s very telling they don’t mention the ff affiliation


irishelectionliterature - March 7, 2017
Leogaire - March 7, 2017

McAnespy is ex-Sinn Féin?


irishelectionliterature - March 7, 2017
2. Jolly Red Giant - March 7, 2017

It will boost SF – and you are correct – reduce the likelihood of an election in the South. This is evident from FF and FG trying to cobble together a deal on water charges.


3. shea - March 7, 2017

i don’t know. They could shout at adams during an interview and then call the interview proof of economic illiteracy. They could bring up SF past. lots of things can be done in four weeks.

There was an election less than a year ago. How many of the parties have refilled their war chest. That could be a motive for not having an election. Thinking FF can build up a bit of a lead in time in the opinion polls could be a motive.

not wanting to stall government negotiations over brexit could be a bit of a stretch but a reasonable motive.

Saying all that if covney wins that FG Martin won’t support A FGer for taoiseach in his area.


4. paulculloty82 - March 7, 2017

In truth, it’s already started – Kenny’s discussions about the NI situation post-Brexit, and Martin’s response suggest they’ve both taken note of the demographics. In truth, a referendum may be 10+ years off, but that still doesn’t leave much time for parties in the Republic to develop and substantiate their plans for a 32-county administration.


shea - March 7, 2017

might a border poll be sooner than that. lowery in the newsletter suggests unionists should push to call it soon to win it and end talk on the issue.


Motive for a lot of factions to call it. if as had been said for decades that the british state want out, it would make a deal cleaner with the eu on brexit. Shinners have been calling it for years.

with in the next two years, perhaps.


5. roddy - March 8, 2017

Just gone through 2014 council results.Do not see one indepenent councillor who would have the slightest interest in joining FF.


6. dilettante - March 8, 2017

Are we not wise enough on this site to realise that FF have no interest in running in the north?

Being slaughtered by SF in an election (any election) has no attraction for them.


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