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“The Greater Good” March 7, 2017

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The Redemptorists wheeled up to my Parish annually in the 80’s. A week long Mission. Obediently we’d traipse up the hill to hear tales of fire and damnation and emerge supposedly full of the Holy Spirit.
Tuam, Bessborough and all the rest brought one of these sermons flashing back.
There was a touch of religious stardust one year as Father Michael Cleary was due to speak. Duly we went and were treated to the bones of an hour on the subject of “The Greater Good”. How God in his wisdom allowed bad things happen but for “The Greater Good”.
“It was like a visit to the Dentist” he explained. Nobody liked getting fillings or having teeth pulled but it was for “The Greater Good”. God was like the dentist. What seemed bad and painful and was feared , well it was really to benefit us all. God loved us but sometimes bad things had to happen but these were for “The Greater Good”.
Divorce, Abortion and “other sins” were aired too. If we allowed Divorce then the traditional Catholic Family would suffer as a Divorce Culture would creep in, people would grow up without “Mammies and Daddies”. “Imagine that!” says he looking at the Congregation …..

…. Of course now we see that “The Greater Good” was for Ireland to be seen as holy, for Ireland as a model moral Catholic utopia. An example to the World. No sex before marriage in Ireland as it’s hidden, The Nuns busy hiding it all away. Your husband can beat the head off you nightly but you can’t leave him… We don’t want to know, you can’t undermine Marriage and the family for “The Greater Good”
To go against all this was selfish, getting pregnant outside of Marriage was selfish. Not for “The Greater Good”.
You couldn’t be telling about abuse in the Church as it would bring scandal on the Church. It was for “The Greater Good” that the Church remained publicly unsullied.


1. WorldbyStorm - March 8, 2017

That’s it exactly. It was hidden away as if it didn’t exist. But it did exist.


2. Political Tourist - March 8, 2017



3. 6to5against - March 8, 2017

‘the greater good’ sums it up nicely.

We saw this years ago in the Bishop Casey saga. Church funds had been used to cover up the birth – and existence – of his child. This has happened in other situations too. Why? And why move predatory priests to distant parishes without reporting on their crimes to Police? Why swear those making complaints of abuse to secrecy? And why cover up all and any instances of financial malpractice in parishes, dioceses or the Vatican?

Always for the same reason. To protect the institution of the church. That was always the first rule.


4. GW - March 8, 2017

I blame Platonism, partly.

Idealism has allowed the Church to think of itself as an imperfect earthly manifestation of something existing on a plane of ideals.

And you wouldn’t want to be critisising an ideal, would you now.

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GW - March 8, 2017

That applies to Leninists and their parties as well, BTW.


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