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Monster Movie redux March 12, 2017

Posted by WorldbyStorm in Uncategorized.

I liked Godzilla a lot, I’ve said as much here. Not so sure I will like Kong: Skull Island to the same degree – though snappy dialogue. It has that. And I’ll no doubt get to see it on video. And it’s set in 1973. And it rips off (ahem – pays homage) Apocalypse Now. And it sets the scene for 2020s Godzilla vs. Kong film. And I know which one I’m rooting for in that showdown.

Still in this review of the film on Slate.com I liked this set of comments:

I guess I’m not the target audience for ridiculous big monster movies.
I don’t think I ever was.

There is a flashback interlude where Kong reflects upon a vacation he took in the Tuscan wine country with Mothra.


1. GW - March 12, 2017

That ones a bit of a rampaging giant mutant turkey apparently.

Agree about Godzilla.


WorldbyStorm - March 12, 2017

Yeah, it wasn’t bad. Not keen on the male lead and the female lead was relegated to far too predictable aspects in her role of ‘caring’ etc. But there was something good about it.

Just seen The Great Wall. As a visual spectacle I would very strongly recommend it – not for the ‘monsters’ which are neither here nor there but the wall itself, certain set pieces, etc. Story is interesting too in that it varies quite a bit from the tedium of the Marvel and other ‘monster’ films.


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