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Sunday Independent Sensible Statement of the Week March 12, 2017

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Garibaldy is absent on leave, so for a slight change let’s give some credit where credit is due, though from an not uncharacteristic source. This column by Gene Kerrigan gets to the heart of Tuam and is a necessary riposte to those who would provide apologias, or diminish the reality and the hurt inflicted on those directly involved and those who came after. He argues that ‘they’ knew not from the 1990s or the 1960s but from much earlier. All the way back in 1927. And who were ‘they’?

Decades later we’d come to call them Official Ireland – the handy, concise, and accurate term is Eamon Dunphy’s.

These were the senior ranks of Church and State, of business and the professions, who ran this great little nation then, as they run it today.


This is not about vengeance on a handful of nuns, or upon the Church. It’s about being aware that institutions – whether they be under the control of clerics, police or bankers – put their institutional interests before those of the people.

Which is why the State’s oversight and regulatory role is crucial. And why its failure in that role has been so catastrophic.

It failed because of its links within Official Ireland – shared professions, shared education, shared levels of income, shared clubs and shared values.

The Church has lost so much credibility its status in Official Ireland is insecure. But it hangs on. In the Taoiseach’s mealy-mouth words last week, we heard Official Ireland still sticking together. Still colluding after all these years.

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