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Not preparing for Brexit March 13, 2017

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There’s been a fair bit of noise in the media about how unprepared the ROI government is in relation to Brexit, but sheesh, this report here (and similar stories are all over the UK media) suggest that the UK is – despite being the protagonist of this particular story, near enough completely unprepared for various eventualities.

With British Prime Minister Theresa May set to trigger the start of Article 50 withdrawal process within days, the House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee said there was real possibility the talks could end with no deal.

But despite the potentially grave consequences, the committee said it had seen no evidence of serious contingency planning by the government.

What on earth accounts for that? Arrogance, short-sightedness, delusion? It may be alright on the night. But I wouldn’t bet on it.


1. simonjkyte - March 13, 2017

Because she promised she would pull article 50 before the end of March – and we are nearly there.


2. deiseach - March 13, 2017

Theresa May doesn’t give a crap. It’s an each-way bet to her. Succeed – elevated alongside Churchill in the pantheon. Fail – blame the beastly foreigners.


3. simonjkyte - March 13, 2017

i agree she is absolutely useless – but she can’t go back on that. She has been miles ahead in the polls but that will be coming to an end after the Budget (NIC rises that they can’t make their mind up about – how farcical is that?) and Boris will stab her if he gets the chance.


4. 1729torus - March 13, 2017
5. irishelectionliterature - March 13, 2017

I see Nicola Sturgeon has announced a second Independence Referendum.
With Oil prices down might be harder to pass, but it is looking like Tory rule in a very South East England centric Government in Westminster for the forseeable future. Hard Brexit looming also and you can guarantee that once they are let loose post Brexit, Brexit will be used to further attack working conditions and wages.
I assume Scotland would have to join the Euro and you would have a hard border with England with problems like those we may face.
It’s going to be a hard sell but Brexit will bring uncertaincy as of course will Independence.


GW - March 13, 2017

I don’t think Scotland has to join the Euro, assuming

a) the English let the Scots have a refendum
b) The SNP win by a sufficiently large margin (i.e. not 52%) to go ahead and
c) the EU fast-track Scots entry

Three big assumptions.

But if the above come to pass, they need to start working PDQ on a new currency and all the infrastructure that entails.


Michael Carley - March 13, 2017

My understanding is that part of the footwork for a Scottish entry to the EU would be a commitment to adopt the Euro, but with no firm date, and nothing in the short term.


PaddyM - March 14, 2017

Declaring that you will eventually join the Euro is required.]

Joining the Euro requires you to first join ERM II.

Joining ERM II is not required.

Saint Augustine would be proud – make me holy but not yet.

Poland and the Czech Republic have been in the EU since 2004 and have never got round to joining ERM II.

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6. GW - March 13, 2017

The best fantasy I’ve heard so far from the English Brexiteers is Empire 2.0, where proper relations with the colonies like Australia, New Zealand, Canada are established once again.

I guess that includes Ireland. And India?


sonofstan - March 13, 2017

I read somewhere that the UK has more trade with us (1bn people)


sonofstan - March 13, 2017

Sorry, got garbled – more trade with us – 5m people – than India (more than a billion)


7. simonjkyte - March 13, 2017
8. Jolly Red Giant - March 13, 2017

The Tories are split into a dozen different factions – they don’t have a plan A or a plan B or any other plan.

The entire process is likely to tear the Tory party to pieces.


GW - March 14, 2017

The Tories never split, even for events like the Suez crisis, unlike political formations closer to this parish.

So on what basis do you make that claim?

Evidence? Historical precedent? Or is it just the party line?


fergal - March 15, 2017

jrg- The Tories are split into a dozen different factions- if only this were true, and everybody here would rejoice- it ain’t so- the tories are streets ahead in the polls, are, have been and will continue to be the party of capital, english nationalism is in the ascendent and this favours the tories, I’m still waiting to see how all this is beneficial to the left…


9. Michael Carley - March 14, 2017

I’d almost vote Sinn Féin after this


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