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Do we do St. Patrick’s Day here? March 17, 2017

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Been watching the parade in Dublin – on TV of course. Standing at the side of O’Connell Street in the rain and wind? Been there done that. Not keen on doing it any time soon again. RTÉ finished its transmission quite early I thought. What was striking was the number of places that make at least token nods towards it – illuminating landmarks and so in green. And let’s not mention the White House.


1. Gerryboy - March 17, 2017

St. Patrick’s Day is a sort of global virtual reality. In the country of origin it’s a fuzzy cultural dampener, the meaning ambivalent. Hope our foreign visitors are enjoying the day. Herzlich wilkommen, Bienvenue, Benvenuto and all that. Agus not forgetting cupla focal.

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Tomboktu - March 18, 2017

It is only a year since the first lgb group was allowed to participate in the St Patrick’s Day Parade in New York.

In 199e I was part of the crew that took part in the parade in Cork.

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2. Michael Carley - March 17, 2017

I have in the past played the SuperMick card and explained the true meaning of Saint Patrick’s Day.

You see, like many Christian festivals, it is actually quite close to a pagan equivalent which marked the passing of the year: Christmas is close to midwinter, Saint Brigid’s Day is near the start of spring, and Saint Patrick’s Day is near the vernal equinox. Back in the day, it would have been the time that the ancient Celts would have started to plant their crops for the coming year and, indeed, what with Saint Patrick’s Day being a bank holiday around the right time, it is when we modern Celts do plant our spuds.

So traditionally, far from being a day of carousing and militant Irishness, an innovation introduced by the Irish in America as a kind of Pride demonstration, Saint Patrick’s Day would be spent in quiet contemplation of the year to come, symbolically casting an eye over your fields and wondering what you should plant in them.

I reckon with a bit of work and some cod Celtic spirituality I can start offering retreats to the usual suspects. Maybe a feature in a Guardian supplement, combining return-to-the-earth condescension, a more authentic way of life, and post-imperial guilt.

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3. Aonrud ⚘ - March 18, 2017

Such cynicism. I for one have enjoyed roasting a leprechaun with some pilgirims, or whatever it is we do 🙂

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4. Tomboktu - March 18, 2017


WorldbyStorm - March 18, 2017

🙂 brilliant


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