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Anti-social media…and post-Trump gloom March 19, 2017

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I’ve a lot of sympathy for this article here in the Guardian, written by someone who decided in the end to jettison all social media. I’ve joined Facebook but don’t maintain the page – indeed apologies to anyone who has tried to contact me on it. I’ve no personal twitter account and I’m a bit adrift of it anyhow. I use WhatsApp for contacting friends and relatives. There’s blogs and podcasts (are they social media – or a parasitic form that lives on the net but isn’t quite of the net?). And after that there’s news sites.

There’s no blanket antipathy to Facebook or whatever on my part. I can see the use, just I don’t need it. May one day, but grand today. And I wonder if the following applies to all uses of Facebook or social media:

Dr Ciarán McMahon, a Dublin-based academic writing a book on psychology and social media, commented that this sense of time-wasting is a problem for Facebook: “They do want you to stay there the whole time, but it can make you feel like you’ve achieved nothing. It’s quite a pleasant feeling, a flow state reasonably similar to reading a book. But after reading a book you can say you’ve read 20 pages, but if you spend the same hour on Facebook, you have no sense of achievement.”

But on the other hand if you’re interested in cooking, or motorbike repair and maintenance or politics, or music, checking out a Facebook site might actually be considered, if not an achievement, at least not unuseful. I suppose it depends.

Still what of another dynamic? Thing is, and I wonder am I alone in this, I’ve found listening to podcasts in recent times incredibly gloomy. Well, the one’s about the US that is. I’ve lived through awful US Presidents. Do I even have to name the names? But there’s something about this one and the feeling that four or just under four and possibly eight long years stretch ahead that has sapped my will to engage with it. Perhaps it is that this administration seems utterly unworried by links to the far-right, or a rhetoric that goes quite some way beyond that we saw previously.

The woes of Brexit likewise. The stupid is strong in that. Though the Scottish and Northern Irish situations are oddly cheering. And the contradictions are fascinating.


1. GW - March 19, 2017

I once tried out twitter – in the days before it became a standard channel for political communication – and found out it was eating up way too much of my time.

I’ll look at linked Zuckerberg’s-sucker-sites if necessary (anonymously) and twitter sites up to the point where they require me to log in. Then it’s click away.

But why use Whatsapp when you can use the original for keeping in contact with friends and family? You can be fairly sure that one hasn’t been backdoored.

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