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Our very own international folk hero March 21, 2017

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Well this is bizarre. I missed the Kenny speech at the White House, was away for the weekend and didn’t even read a transcript but it’s certainly going down well.


1. benmadigan - March 21, 2017

i thought it was a very good speech.
Didn’t think Enda had it in him but there was that speech about the irish Republic some years ago

Clearly he has his moments.

Let’s hope they become more frequent with brexit!!!


WorldbyStorm - March 21, 2017

Yeah, I was kind of angry about the Tuam speech, it wasn’t just that it was studied or that it completely hit the wrong note – there was something glib about it. It will take a lot for me to feel he has moved on from that, not least some concrete steps for those impacted by it but this was a start


2. sonofstan - March 21, 2017

He’s definitely making plans for posterity, organising the things he wants to be remembered for. All that said, neither of his predecessors as taoiseach would have said that to Trump; he has an occasional attack of awkward sincerity.


benmadigan - March 21, 2017

wants not only to hold records as FG taoiseach but also to be the man who set Re-Unification on the road to success?


3. irishelectionliterature - March 21, 2017

I can’t imagine it was too different a speech than he has done in previous years.
I think it just shows the lack of direct challenge to Trump. He also said what many in the US were thinking .


4. CL - March 22, 2017

“While Mr Kenny went to America seeking special favours for illegal Irish immigrants, thousands of people seeking asylum are languishing indefinitely in institutions in this country….
The Irish Refugee Council has condemned ‘direct provision’ as “an example of a government policy which has not only bred discrimination, social exclusion, enforced poverty and neglect, but has placed children at a real risk”….

Today, as a country, we are struggling to comprehend the cruelty, masquerading as piety, which resulted in tens of thousands of women and children being caged in mother and baby homes.

Future generations will be similarly aghast at the callousness of a society that presided over the exclusion and isolation of vulnerable people in direct provision centres, even as they went to America to crow about their humanity.”


5. CL - March 25, 2017

“Green Party leader Eamon Ryan has suggested Taoiseach Enda Kenny’s criticism of US president Donald Trump’s stance on immigration is not consistent with his own policies, saying: “St Patrick would not be too happy with our current direct provision system.”…

Referring to a video of Mr Kenny’s speech, he said: “If we are going to go out [as] saints and scholars to 50 million people on YouTube, we cannot be the chancers of the world.
“That role has been taken up by the British foreign secretary, [Boris Johnson].”


sonofstan - March 26, 2017

Eamon has mastered the Micheal Martin knack of pretending never to have been in government when any of these terrible things were happening, i see.


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