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SDs and the North March 21, 2017

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A short piece in the most recent Phoenix asks whether the SD TDs ‘along with IT ideologue Fintan O’Toole trying to recreate the WP?’. Given the WP is still in existence that seems a stretch. But then the piece itself seems a bit of a stretch too. The SDs have, on foot of the DUP funding during the Brexit campaign, large adverts in favour of Exit in the London press, suggested that this ‘raised serious questions about the financing of political parties who operate on the whole island of Ireland’. The Phoenix argues that this must mean SF, suggesting that is the only party operating on the whole of the island apart from PbP (though this too will presumably be news to the WP and others). On the other hand the comparison doesn’t really hold between the DUP and SF given that the DUP had no MPs or other elected reps in London or in Britain, whereas SF has lorry loads of them in the South.

Anyhow, another curiosity is that it suggests that Fintan O’Toole is one of those influencing the SDs on the North. While it correctly notes that O’Toole managed to ignore SF’s anti-Brexit stance in a recent piece or two while drawing attention to a supposed ‘moderate’ centre ground of UUP and SDLP and beyond that Alliance, it also argues that ‘Fintan is a soul brother of Catherine Murphy and shares her political background as a WP activist in the past’. Is that true? I hadn’t heard that O’Toole was active in the WP or even a member. Anyone able to shed some light on it.

Anyhow, the piece also suggests that within the SDs opinions are mixed on the North – ‘the SD leadership is at odds with many of its working class members and have been unable to formulate a policy on the north’. Has anyone heard about this?


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