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Confused March 24, 2017

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Tom McGurk is somewhat all over the place at the moment. And yes, it’s Brexit again. He seems to be waking up to the fact that:

…there is real reason to be concerned that Britain is simply totally unprepared for the demands of Brexit. Where Brexit is concerned, David Davies like Boris Johnson is on of the ‘it’ll be alright on the night brigade’. He seems to be either indifferent or is refusing to accept he huge complexity of what Britain is contemplating.

Of course he can’t resist the temptation to zip back to blaming the EU for the shape of the final outcome – in relation to the CTA for example, even though he knows that it is the UK which has ruled out participation in the customs union or the single market. But hey, that’s him.

And he takes a strange diversion:

… there is the real possibility that in the future, the united Ireland option would appear totally different if Brexit proves to be an economic disaster for the North’s already fragile economy.

Come again? But this is the same man who has been arguing that we should cuddle up close to the British ‘mothership’, our ‘natural’ home. How can Brexit be a disaster for the North? Well, apart from cuts in funding, further attacks on the state, etc, etc. Yeah, apart from them, and a Tory government in power and…

He’s still banging on about trying to square the circle that Ireland might leave the EU and join the EEA. Except except surely he accepts, or knows, that if we did that we would be subject to EU regulations over which we had no input whatsoever. And I wonder how that works in relation to a UK outside the single market, outside the customs area. And what about our sovereignty in all this, our having to change to accommodate the UK?

Of course the clouds roll back in across his dawning understanding of the situation. He argues that Brexit is essentially ‘an act of renewed partition’… but hold on, whose fault is that partition? I think we know the answer…

This time we will be dealing with a partition designed and imposed by the EU and we will be powerless to oppose it, or alter it and remain in the EU.

And even though he argues…

Britain of course, created the crisis, but while they will, post-Brexit be free to deal with the hand they are given, we in Ireland will not.

You know if he hadn’t already admitted that our ‘natural’ position was with the ‘mothership’ perhaps all this would seem a bit more credible as an argument, but he has and it doesn’t. How does a small state like the RoI function in relation to a larger state like the UK? He never addresses that problem, doesn’t even really appear to see it as a problem. And yet keep in mind he’s already noted that Brexit in NI may be a disaster. And while we shouldn’t be in the EU we shouldn’t have an input into its decisions on us. I have to wonder what his concept of sovereignty actually is.


1. CL - March 24, 2017

No Exit?

‘In the last European elections, the three most successful results for the right—UKIP, the FN, and the Danish People’s Party—were around 25 percent of the vote. In national elections, the average figure across Western Europe for all such right and left forces combined is about 15 percent. That percentage of the electorate poses little threat to the system;…
The socio-economic status quo is widely detested. But it is regularly ratified at the polls with the reelection of parties responsible for it,…
After Maastricht, the British political class declined the straitjacket of the euro, only to pursue a native neoliberalism more drastic than any on the continent:…
What the consequences of Trump or Brexit will be remain indeterminate, though no doubt more limited than current predictions. The established order is far from beaten in either country, and, as Greece has shown, is capable of absorbing and neutralizing revolts from whatever direction with impressive speed.”-Perry Anderson


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