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Resources and links of use to the left Thread – Week 12, 2017 March 24, 2017

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We’re looking for links/resources useful to the Left at Starkadders suggestion. This can be archives, support groups, study groups, whatever people think can assist in building up a stack of easily accessible tools necessary to the tasks ahead. Perhaps keep articles – unless they’re longform, to the What You Want to Say thread.


1. Greg Timony - March 25, 2017

France (my school French came in handy for something):
http://www.humanite.fr/ Old Communist paper paper, now independent but reports on CP a lot still
http://www.liberation.fr/ Former journalist owned Left paper of Sartre . Now corporate owned though Guardian like . Detested by some on ‘hard to far left’
http://www.regards.fr/ Mag associated with Ensemble (Independent left sub coalition of the old Front De Gauche)
https://blogs.mediapart.fr/ All over the place news and blogging site but on middle to far leftside
http://www.europe-solidaire.org Trotskyite associated (probably NPA but collates articles from all over)

Germany (Translaters will give some idea if lucky)
http://www.taz.de/ Green party associated Berlin paper
http://www.fr-online.de/ Said to be ‘center left’ Frankfurt on Main paper
http://www.neues-deutschland.de/ Old SED Berlin paper now associated with Die Linke (Left party) . Populist left to reformed communist now

http://www.publico.es/ Directed at a left wing market . Daily news and gossip about any left group I can think of . Links to other sites a lot
Got to be many other leftish sites specially serving Catalonia Basque and so but I have to rely on translators and am no expert

Sites have come and gone a lot
http://analyzegreece.gr/ In English. Still online but not updated much anymore. Associated with journalists from SYRIZA papers and site, some may be Popular Unity or Course to Freedom or Other now . Hard to figure

Sweden (as above)
http://www.fria.nu/ Green party associated network
http://www.flamman.se/ Old communist paper now describes itself ‘independent socialist’ and reports on Left party a bit
http://www.aftonbladet.se/ Once majority owned by union fed , corporate bought mainly . Daily Mirror like , usually supporting social democrats but some Left associated writers last time I really looked at it

Denmark (as above)
http://modkraft.dk/ Broad left portal claiming many Red Green and SPP subscribers
http://www.information.dk/ Guardian like old paper


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