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Tricolour at half mast for McGuinness March 24, 2017

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How could this be a matter of any controversy at all? God forbid anything happened to Arlene Foster but it would be entirely appropriate as a mark of respect for a political leader of Irish unionism for a similar respect to be extended to her as it was, absolutely correctly, to Ian Paisley.
Though I notice that in the IT report:

The flag was not lowered when the former Northern Ireland first minister Ian Paisley died in 2014. Such a gesture was not considered appropriate at the time, given that Dr Paisley had a minimal relationship with the State.

Minimal. Perhaps, but not non-existent. And his efforts to work with McGuinness and Republicans and Nationalists and all citizens of Northern Ireland in a manner that puts at least one of his successors to shame were exemplary. And he too was someone who had, shall we say, a rather conflicted history – indeed compare and contrast with McGuinness and one could even argue that his position changed significantly later in his life than his Republican counterpart.


1. Michael Carley - March 25, 2017

Without over-interpreting, why no shots over the coffin?


WorldbyStorm - March 25, 2017

I guess that the IRA symbolically gone…so…


shea - March 25, 2017

the provos tried to limit that to people who died on active service and even then there was considerations, logistics on the day of the funeral, family opinions, to do something like that and have the family coming out saying you are hijacking the funeral isn’t good, flip side some families insulted when their member didn’t get a volley.

and the provos have stood down and put all their gear beyond use so that as well.


CL - March 25, 2017

‘Mrs Foster’s initial hesitancy about attending the funeral was based on fears that it would involve paramilitary trappings.
But once it became clear yesterday, through a Catholic Church statement, that no IRA beret or gloves would sit on the coffin and no colour party in paramilitary garb would accompany the cortege, attending became inevitable.’


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