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These guys in the Administration are remarkably bad at politics… March 26, 2017

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…if this from Slate.com is to be believed.

[Steve] Bannon had basically told Republican lawmakers they had no choice but to vote for the bill. In Axios, Mike Allen writes that when members of the House Freedom Caucus visited the White House earlier this week, Bannon had a very undiplomatic opening line: “Guys, look. This is not a discussion. This is not a debate. You have no choice but to vote for this bill,” Bannon said. Needless to say, the lawmakers were decidedly unimpressed. “The last time someone ordered me to something, I was 18 years old. And it was my daddy. And I didn’t listen to him, either,” one lawmaker answered.

Imagine – if you will – a bunch of people who, whatever the reality, have a self-perception of being rugged freedom loving individualists. Small wonder their response to being told what to do, how to vote was so… negative. But what’s more difficult to understand is the mentality of those who would go into a room filled with Freedom Caucus members thinking that demands were a good idea.


1. CL - March 26, 2017

“Almost from Day One, Trump has been inviting lawmakers to the White House for meetings, get-to-know-you dinners, and bowling at the White House bowling alley. This kind of personal touch was not President Barack Obama’s forte, and it hurt him when it came time to get legislation through Congress.”
The ‘personal touch’ of Trump and Ryan was clearly not enough and Obamacare, nurtured through Congress by the aloof Obama over a period of about 14 months, is still the law of the land.


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