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CLR Book Club – Week 13 – It Can’t Happen Here by Sinclair Lewis March 28, 2017

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Here’s another question on foot of the book we’re reading, It Can’t Happen Here by Sinclair Lewis. What lessons does it contain for avoiding the outcomes it describes?


1. oconnorlysaght - March 29, 2017

Since much of the analysis is flawed (as distinct from the description of an established Fascist regime), the valid lessons of the book are few but should be recognised.
1. Unity of all working class forces in action v.the monster. Lewis’ description of the divisions between the left parties is telling, even if out of its contemporary context. Today, it is even more apt; the left is more divided now than in ’35.
2. Don’t rely on the state to do the work for us. Although often bandying the word ‘revolution’, Fascists want a stronger capitalist state machine and there are plenty within it who know this, even if they dare not speak, but who will act to penalise anti-Fascist protestors in support of the fascists.
3. As Marx said ‘Question everything’ (But be sure you are getting the right answer).


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