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Brexit polling… March 29, 2017

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It’s not unuseful – this day of all days – to examine polling responses in the UK in order to appreciate the importance to various issues ascribed by British voters in relation to Brexit. So, for example, this from UK Polling Report notes that MORI in its polls has…

…also had some questions on EU negatotiations. Asked if the government were doing well or badly at handling Britain’s exit from the European Union 36% said a good job, 52% a bad job. Asked the same question about Theresa May 49% said a good job, 40% said a bad job. That alone is an interesting difference – I’d be fascinated to see how people who answered the two questions differently explained their answers (my guess is people would say something about May coming across as more competent than some of her ministers).

That disparity between Tories and May suggests… well, what? Perhaps that she is considerably more popular than her government? Interesting. Though – and I know the government is not equivalent to the Tory party, but still – the Tories are 13% ahead of the LP in MORI polls.

But look at the issues:

Asked how important various considerations were in Brexit negotiations 43% of people said it was essential or very important for Britain not to have to make any contributions to the EU after we’ve left, 43% also said it was essential or important to remain in the single market. 61% said it was essential or important that Britain has full control over immigration.

61%. Immigration control. Well out ahead. Telling.


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