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#JobstownNotGuilty Assembly for Justice March 29, 2017

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JRG raises an important point. He notes the upcoming:

Saturday a #JobstownNotGuilty Assembly for Justice will take place in Liberty Hall. Guest speakers include Paddy Hill, Ricky Tomlinson, Eamon Dunphy, Rossport 5, Jimmy Kelly, Patricia McKenna, Frances Black and others.

As he says…

Every left activist who wants to defend the right to protest should attend.

And this evening he notes:

Two serious developments for the Jobstown defendants this evening.

The DPP is going to the Circuit Court tomorrow looking to change the bail conditions of the Jobstown defendants to prevent them speaking at Saturday’s Rally For Justice or at any other protests. It is possible that the new bail conditions could be so restrictive as to result in some of the Jobstown defendants being jailed tomorrow.

In a second case tomorrow it appears that the DPP is also attempting to ban the Raly for Justice and the demonstration planned for the end of April on the grounds it could ‘prejudice the jury’.

There is an onus on all activists to act now to defend the right to protest and the right to defend oneself when under attack by the state, right-wing politicians and the right-wing media.

He raises an interesting point when he said earlier in the day that:

Surprised that there has been no discussion on this site about the upcoming trials of the Jobstown defendants.

I think (hope?) that that is because we’re all of one mind on this which is that the criminalisation of protest is wrong – and there’s a general awareness of large-scale events like this taking place.

But, that said – and this has a broader importance – anything that we are sent we will post up (within the usual guidelines on the site) and notification of events like this is always very welcome. So much appreciated JRG and anything similar fire links/press releases to the usual email.


1. Jolly Red Giant - March 29, 2017

There was an international day of solidarity with #JobstownNotGuilty last week with protests outside 30 embassies and consulates in 20 countries.

A report can be found here-

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2. GW - March 30, 2017

The political show trials of protesters is a disgrace in a country that flatters itself that it is a constitutional democracy.

But of a piece with what we now know about the Gardai.


EWI - March 30, 2017

Not only that, but the prosecution of children (with former Government ministers trooping in with wild tales).


GW - March 30, 2017

Irish Labour was pathetic in it’s latter years.

Operative tense – simple past.


3. EWI - March 30, 2017

Rally for Justice = Assembly for Justice?


4. Paddy Healy - March 30, 2017

Stop This Outrage
Defend Right To Protest and Right To Free Speech -Activists May Be Jailed To-day


Jobstown- Assembly For Justice- Protest Is not A Crime

Saturday next,Apr 1, 1 pm, Liberty Hall

It appears that the state is targeting Éirigí’s Scott Masterson and Solidarity’s Paul Murphy in particular – to stop them speaking at a Jobstown Not Guilty rally in Liberty Hall on Saturday-BE THERE!

In response to the state’s attempt to silence the Jobstown Not Guilty campaign a number of defendants have tonight decided that they will not be giving the state the bail commitments that it is seeking.

This may well result in a number of defendants having their bail revoked to-day and them being jailed from today until their trial concludes in May or June


5. Jolly Red Giant - March 30, 2017

Protest taking place outside the Criminal Courts of Justice as the Jobstown defendants face gagging orders and potentially jail.


6. Jolly Red Giant - March 30, 2017

After being delayed this morning the attempt to gag the Jobstown defendants has been postponed until tomorrow at 2pm.


7. Jolly Red Giant - March 31, 2017

Further disturing developments this morning – the DDP is now trying to fix the jury and is attempting not just to ban the Jobstown defendants from speaking about the case but to ban them from attending any event organised in support of the Jobstown defendants.


irishelectionliterature - March 31, 2017

Thats nuts, they are going to find it hard to find anyone that has not expressed an opinion (either for or against) on Water Charges or indeed Irish Water.
Wonder does attending any of the anti water charges demonstrations count too?
They really are confirming now that it is just a showtrial.


GW - March 31, 2017

How the feck are they going to enforce that? Insist that jurors hand over passwords to all online accounts as they enter the court-room, Trump-immigration-style?

Has the DPP been consulting for Sultan Erdogan on the quiet?


Jolly Red Giant - March 31, 2017

The DPP is also attempting to exclude anyone from Tallaght.


Michael Carley - March 31, 2017

In fairness, the legal profession have been trying to do that for years.

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8. RosencrantzisDead - March 31, 2017

The DPP has withdrawn its application to impose further bail conditions following agreement by the defendants not to speak at the rally on Saturday.



Jolly Red Giant - March 31, 2017

The attempt by the DPP to imposed new restrictive bail conditions failed miserably.

And the defendants didn’t agree not to speak at the Rally tomorrow – they agreed not to discuss specific details about the protest in Jobstown for a short 3 hour window tomorrow. Of course it was never intended to do that anyway for reasons that will be obvious tomorrow.


9. Jolly Red Giant - April 1, 2017

Main hall and all the overflow rooms at Liberty Hall packed for the Rally for Justice in support of the Jobstown defendants.


10. Jolly Red Giant - April 14, 2017

The documentary produced by #JobstownNotGuilty on the Jobstown protest in 2014 has now been posted on YouTube.


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