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No General Election here March 30, 2017

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Richard Colwell writing in the SBP at the weekend after the latest RedC poll argues, hardly surprisingly, that ‘were we to have another election the result would leave using pretty much the same situation we are in now’. And he notes that FF might take the position of FG but similar issues remain in terms of government building with FF struggling to build a coherent bloc. Indeed he suggests that FF support may have faltered in its upward trajectory, one seen in recent months.

Colwell disagrees that Independents and others are losing massive support. ‘[they] appear to remain strong…’ and notes that the support base is between 13% and 16%.

And from all this? He argues that ‘with a stable picture among he electorate, and with no party securing any meaningful momentum it is unlikely we will see any party forcing a general election soon’.

Difficult to disagree.


1. Aengus Millen - March 31, 2017

I’m a relative newcomer to political obsession but I do tend to feel that the scandal after scandal we’ve seen in recent months should have an effect on the poll numbers of FG and FF. Surely their positions on the Garda Scandals on the bus strikes must be wildly out of step with public opinion. Maybe I’m naive maybe this is what all five years of the last government felt like I didn’t really start paying attention until the last year. Anyway hopefully this begins to tell on their poll numbers soon.


WorldbyStorm - March 31, 2017

That’s a very interesting g perspective you have. I hope you are correct and certainly the logic of your position seems robust but I recall in late 2010 talking to a friend in SF and his bewilderment at the way the flow from FF had gone to FG rather than points left. And whatever one feels about SF I think he was right to be puzzled.

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