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Bored now! March 31, 2017

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I’m not usually taken by these sort of articles, a piece by Katy Waldman on Slate on how ‘Trump is not having fun’ – though our own colourful folk antihero of St. Patrick’s Day gets a name check in passing, and most positive it is too, but this line seemed to me to be quite on the nose:

Why is Trump so out of sorts? It could be that he’s simply found, in fire-and-brimstone Donald, his latest role. Yet it seems equally likely that Trump has stumbled into an Aesop’s fable of his own making. Having received what he so fervently wished for, he’s now found that leading the free world is a miserable chore. Trump, who loves Trump more than he loves anything else, used to jet around selling that self-love to voters. Now he’s stuck in meetings pondering policies and ideologies that matter a whole lot more to the American people than they matter to him. As a candidate, he got to accuse the establishment of trashing the country. He played hype-man for a future in which he’d refresh our ideals. Now he’s accountable in the present to all the men and women whose lives haven’t become fairy tales since he took office. That’s not fun. That’s a full-time job, and that’s the one thing Donald Trump has never wanted.

What is very apparent, and falling poll ratings seem in a way merely to underline this, is that Trump is not really fit for office – I mean that in the sense that the article does. This isn’t what he excels at. I’ve seen this dynamic before – the businessperson who is all about the sale but never ever about the tedious work subsequently of actually ensuring that the reality lives up to the hype. And sure, that’s glib on my part to reduce this to such simplicities but there may be some explanatory power in them.

Governing is different. If those around Trump appear mediocre at best (and some interesting straws in the wind as to how reluctant others were to join the Trump ship – Tillerson doesn’t appear exactly bursting with enthusiasm) well he’s not the man to ensure that maters improve. It really is amazing on so many different levels.

I wonder at the ramifications. Will people ultimately go in four years (or three years and seven months – oh yeah!) for a safer more typical pair of hands, or will they gift him another go? Granted he might be impeached – though not yet, not so far.

And another thought. He’s seemed a fraction calmer in recent times, at least in comparison to the standard he has set to date – the intemperate tweet rate is still high but it seems a little lower. If it is that too may indicate waning enthusiasm. Or perhaps people are becoming a bit bored by him. That’d never do!


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