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Bus dispute April 3, 2017

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I rarely hear NewsTalk – but I happened to be going in on Friday to drop some stuff off in Dublin City Centre and needed a lift and so I was treated to the dulcet tones of Pat Kenny as he interviewed a UNITE rep. Thought the latter came over very well and managed to frame the situation as it was – that is that it was the Management that walked away from engagement.

But, almost needless to say, this was the day of the ‘wildcat’ secondary pickets and there were no end of comments and texts about how ‘Reagan was right’ and ‘Fire the lot of them’ and ‘Public servants, let’s see how they do in the private sector’ etc. As well as one calling for the ‘banning of unions’.

This was, one sensed, even for Pat a step too far. Kind of. Sort of. Almost. Probably. Nearly. Perhaps. Yet he didn’t shirk. He said, ‘no, I wouldn’t agree with that. Unions protect some workers in vulnerable situations’ or words to that effect – the emphasis on ‘some’. But… he didn’t shirk. ‘Some unions though should fold their tents.’

Really? Tell us more.


1. Alibaba - April 3, 2017

I dislike the use of the word ‘wildcat’ and glad to see that you too put it in apostrophes, because its proper meaning is secondary picketing. I note there are threats to take legal action against National Bus and Railworkers’ Union because of some illegal strike actions. Time to get rid of that restriction under the Industrial Relations Act, I’m thinking.


What’s more, the LRC has offered to make itself available for talks should certain pre-conditions be met. Oh my! It demands no more ‘wildcat’ actions and a commitment to get compromises. So far, no responses yet and here’s hoping that strike actions aren’t suspended during the inevitable talks.


WorldbyStorm - April 3, 2017

Yeah I hate that term too. It’s a deliberate mischaracterisation, isn’t it, and deeply unfair to people in disputes.


2. Aengus Millen - April 3, 2017

Ugh and all the RTE/Newstalk/Newspaper stories which find a man or woman on the street inconvenienced by the strike rather then finding a bus worker about to be laid off or given poverty wages.


WorldbyStorm - April 3, 2017

Interesting framing and I’d agree. I don’t deny for a moment sometimes desperate inconvenience and it struck me that for emergencies or at least situations say where there’s a medical issue strikers could generate some goodwill by assisting in same, but an hour left for work is not a perilous situation. Now if it is continuing there are bigger problems, I know of people having a rough time getting into Dublin, but the lack of engagement by state and mgmt is so obvious that has to be reiterated.


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