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What is this? Doesn’t like the language of ‘business’… April 4, 2017

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In the eight page pull out section in the SBP this weekend about Brexit there’s a piece by Stephen Kinsella that frames the publication (and accompanying it a photograph of a border crossing in 1992. It is not pretty). I won’t go into that – some good points, some bad, and a conclusion that should concern any one in Britain.

Despite the narrative about being a rich global economy, the reality is that Brexit means a poorer Britain.

But there’s another quote that amused me slightly. He writes:

Everyone is using words like ‘creative’ and ‘flexible’ to describe how they regoing to approach the issue of border policing. I am not reassured.

That’s odd. Those, surely are very words we hear continually in relation to enterprise and entrepreneurs. Surely Kinsella isn’t saying that in real-world cases as distinct from rhetoric words like ‘creative’ and ‘flexible’ are just jargon? Surely not!


1. GW - April 4, 2017

Lets all just lean in to this in a team player kind of way and less of the doom and gloom.

In fact think there is scope for a lot of ‘creative ambiguity’ about the North – and its relationship with the entity currently extruding itself from the EU leaving a good bit sticking to the sides – which could soften the blow there.

The reason that’s unlikely to even trundle up the runway comes in three letters: DUP.


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