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Lobbying during Brexit April 5, 2017

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I was reading a piece on how the Association of British Travel Agents were lobbying the Brexit Negotiations

The British travel industry is urging the government to protect the many benefits currently enjoyed by UK holidaymakers under EU membership, including visa-free travel and free or reduced healthcare, in Brexit negotiations.

Now maybe I’m late coming to this but I’d imagine visa free travel to the UK wouldn’t have been uppermost in the priorities of Leave voters worried about Immigration.
Given the short two year negotiation period ,lobbyists in the UK (and no doubt Brussels) will be going all out to ensure that their voices are heard. Get their particular area given priority in negotiations.
Already we see headlines like these..

Brexit offers UK an ‘unprecedented opportunity’ to attract investment and form new trade deals, says top City lobbying group

Brexit has also been described as a “Lobbying Gold Rush”.
No surprise too when we learn that ..
“So much of what goes on with lobbying remains in the shadows,” and that all the major Lobbying firms have now specialised Brexit lobbying divisions.
At the minute the whole thing is looking haphazard from the UK side anyway. Trade Missions to India, Saudi Arabia, The Philippines and so on. The row over Gibraltar and God knows Gibraltar is probably a far higher priority to their Imperial Little Englander mindset than the border in our own island.
Brexit seems to be leading them down a series of blind Alleys. Be it “Empire 2.0” or even the order of which area will be negotiated.
This all to a backdrop of the Right Wing Tory Press whipping up anti European sentiment and the likes of Farage comparing the EU to the Mafia. From the outside it appears a shambles.
Into this crazy vacuum come the lobbyists and dealmakers, some which have switched from the Senior Positions in the UK Public Service to the Private Sector Lobbying groups ….. needless to say it won’t be the lesser off that will have the most powerful or influential lobbies.


1. GW - April 5, 2017

Of course capital will seek to ‘take back sovereignty’ via the scrapping of EU rules on working time, employee protection, environmental protection, human rights etc.etc. and to replace these with something altogether more ‘business friendly’. And with the Tories unassailably in power for the foreseeable the lobbying will succeed.

Not to mention the new opportunities for selling a wide range repression related goods and services to to discerning buyers throughout the globe.:

Mordor offers an attractive trading scenario for the UK. It’s tremendously rich in the mineral neodymium. We need this for almost everything, especially making tiny earphones produce phat beats. And our aerospace and communications sector can offer Mordor the chance to position itself at the forefront of technology in terms of its national defence capability. Which is clearly in the UK’s national interest. Lord Sauron has promised that he won’t use brimstone missiles to cover the whole of Middle Earth in a second darkness. And we trust him. I must say the Dark Lord is a good deal more personable than many of the dignitaries we meet on these trips.


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