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Water news April 6, 2017

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The report on RTÉ that the Oireachtas Water Committee has…

The Oireachtas Water committee has decided to scrap charges, approve refunds and to reject mandatory metering of new builds.

Is obviously welcome.

The further news that Fine Gael is not happy about it, not entirely unexpected as they turn and twist attempting to reach an high moral ground on the issue – unsuccessfully. And frankly their complaints about the EU seem inapposite. Let’s cross that bridge when we come to it. Interesting too that FF has decided not to follow suit. What calculation are they making?

Meanwhile what of Labour? No surprise there, really…

Former environment minister Alan Kelly earlier described the water charges issue as a “complete and utter farce”, and said there was a predetermined outcome to the talks.

Mr Kelly said from an environmental and investment point of view we “need to wake up to what’s coming down the road” and asked where funding for water is going to come from after this year.

He said he believed the majority of people understood the need to pay for water.

I find it bizarre that a self-proclaimed social democrat could ask the question he does in the second paragraph.


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