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An unstable administration… and world April 7, 2017

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Putin must be wondering what just happened. Assad too. And – though I’d hold no candle for either of them, not in the slightest, they would have a certain right to do so given the remarkable turn-around in US foreign policy in relation to Syria.

But quite apart from the local – and this supposedly ‘one-off’ action, there’s a broader issue which is the lack of coherence, the lack of a sense of coherence, of vision, of strategy about the Trump administration and foreign policy. Indeed what is US foreign policy? This action seems reactive in the extreme, almost an effort to place clear water between the US government and a Russian backed state and in doing so indicate that it is not simply aligning with Russian interests.

Where do people stand in this world? How can anyone know? Oddly, I was listening to Foreign Policy magazine podcast yesterday and in the discussion – more of which later – the point was made that the administration’s next big issue was likely to be a foreign problem. North Korea was the likely candidate according to some on the panel. And certainly the rhetoric looked like it was heading in that direction the last week or so. Events intervened.

It is difficult to think of something more dangerous in terms of how matters progress from here – if policy, or rather a sort of cosmetic version of same, is conducted by in this sort of manner. Granted there’s been an element of that many times in the past – various hypocrisies evident in similar conducts in the past, but this has an unpredictable, unstable aspect to it that seems qualitatively different.


1. EWI - April 7, 2017

I think that Agent Orange is getting very worried as the Russia/Trump campaign probes draw the noose tighter.


2. Paddy Healy - April 7, 2017

AS Trump Bombs rain on Syria, Mainstream Western Media Abandon All Objectivity and Professionalism
Listen at the links here http://wp.me/pKzXa-Kd
Two Experienced Senior British Commentators Say Assad Chemical Attack May Be Fake News.
Are Media Facilitating Drift To Global War?


yourcousin - April 7, 2017

I can’t believe I wasted time listening to Duggan and Ford. Seriously Paddy? Is anyone going to argue that Assad has used gas on his own people? Is anyone going to argue that Assad has not used starvation as a weapon against his own people? Ditto Barrel bombs? Ditto regular artillery and sniping at times specifically targeting medical personnel in besieged areas.

Duggan’s point that this is a proxy war negates the Friday protests and the agency of the Syrian people to not live under a dictator.

I genuinely don’t have the answers and horror layered upon horror is really almost enough to make one weep. But linking to idiocy is helping nothing.


Paddy Healy - April 8, 2017

I hold no brief for Dugan, Ford, Assad, Putin, Trump, May or the Saudi King
The area where the bombs fell is controlled by Jabhat Al Nusra – formerly the official Al Qaeda affiliate in Syria.
The first casualty of war is truth. There is no objective evidence as to whether the chemicals were dropped by ASSAD or released from a jihadist chemical factory. The responsible thing to do would have been to propose an expert UN fact finding mission to inspect the site without delay. If Assad had refused this , it would have been reasonable to assume that he is guilty.
True Assad is dropping barrel bombs but the US and Britain are enabling Saudi to carpet bomb YEMEN thus killing thousands of civilians. Why would anybody believe either side without objective evidence?

This is particularly so as US and UK falsely claimed that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction in order to pursue their global economic and military interests by invading Iraq. This is a key cause of the anti-human savagery now rife throughout the middle east.


yourcousin - April 9, 2017

You say you hold “no brief” for any party in the conflict but then post videos for regime apologists. Pretty sure that’s “holding a brief”.

True, we are still waiting for “objective truth”, but the fact that the UN has confirmed that chemical weapons have been used in the conflict, mainly by regime forces on multiple occasions does help with reasonable inferences.

So we wait with baited breath while the UN responds to Syrian demands that Damascus lead the investigation into whether or not it gassed its own people again after doing it in the past. Again not mentioning the use of starvation as weapon, and literally stealing the Grozny play book from the Russians.

We can discuss Yemen or even W’s follies at length if you would like. Either one brought up in this context however is pure and simple “whataboutery”.


Paddy Healy - April 9, 2017

I posted this in my blog Media Bias in Favour of the Rich and Powerful at the link in my post above. I was merely bringing balance to the huge volume of unsupported pro-US propaganda in the mainstream media. Remember I said that the two commentators SAY that the Western Media story MAY be fake news. I did not give credence to the story of either side. As i said earlier-truth is the first casualty of war.


yourcousin - April 9, 2017

“As I said earlier, ‘truth is the first casualty of war'”.

So you want to what? Piss on its corpse?

It’s fine to argue against something. It’s great even to play devils advocate for a dictator if that is your bag. But linking up to something simply because it is contrary doesn’t give it merit.


3. roddy - April 7, 2017

I see the anti Corbynites in Labour support attacks on Syria.


4. irishelectionliterature - April 7, 2017

For one it served the purpose of distancing the Trump regime from Russia and Putin. Which given the current events re Mike Flynn and others is something Trump would want.


EWI - April 8, 2017



Paddy Healy - April 8, 2017

RTE reporter from US said Trump may have taken the action because he had gone down in the polls!!!!


5. CL - April 7, 2017

” The norm against the use of chemical or any weapon of mass destruction was weakened by global inaction four years ago. It is essential that it be strengthened now, not just for the future of Syria, but also because policies will be influenced in both Tehran and Pyongyang by what is decided and done here.”-Richard Haass

“the Trump Administration’s globalists, such as Kushner and Cohn, are growing in influence, while the nationalists—led by Bannon—are on the defensive.”

“Bannon represents a very fundamental change in how we think about economic policy, taking us back to the era from Alexander Hamilton up through the 1920s when we were a much more national economy. Gary represents the New York international worldview…” Gingrich


6. CL - April 9, 2017

“The Tomahawks that Trump just burned up will have to be replaced, meaning he just handed a nearly hundred million dollar payday to a company he owns stock in. Not surprisingly, shares of Raytheon spiked today (link), meaning he’s directly profiting from his Syria attack”


Alibaba - April 9, 2017

Thanks for that neat observation.


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