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Sunday Independent Stupid Statement of the Week April 9, 2017

Posted by Garibaldy in Sunday Independent Stupid Statement of the Week.

What’s this, Colm McCarthy, the man who has never seen a problem to which privatising public assets was not the answer, a convert to the value of public ownership?

The decision to establish a single national utility to run the water industry should have been taken at least 30 years ago. The emerging problems were clear and the precedent (national utilities directed by engineers rather than local politicians) had already been employed for electricity, gas and telecoms. The decision to establish Irish Water as a State company was always the obvious solution. The mystery is not the decision taken but the extraordinary delay in taking it.

The leopard has not really changed its sport. Having repeated the myth that urban dwellers have never contributed to the cost of water services, we get this

Back in the real world, the Government, or the next one, whatever its composition, will face a long list of hurdles in economic and social policy, of which water is a minor component. These are to be met through passive harvesting of the (guaranteed, sound as a bell) tax revenues to flow from the expansion in economic activity presumed to be inevitable. There is instead Brexit, an incipient public pay explosion, faltering control on public expenditure and a renewed house price bubble. And “free” water.

The only thing missing from the list is the trade unions.

A bland week otherwise.


1. Paddy Healy - April 9, 2017

I was surprised to read the false claim by Colm McCarthy that domestic water is free without direct charges. Thugh very right-wing, he is normally factually correct.

After the 1996 bye-election in which Joe Higgins got more votes than the then government parties FG, Lab and WP put together, rendan Howlin brought in an act before the 1997 general election. It abolished direct water charges and by law increased motor tax, VAT and other duties and fees to replace the revenue. When direct water charges were reintroduced in recent years by FF-Gr -FG-Lab, these existing water taxes were not reduced. They wanted us to pay twice!
Indeed it is arguable that they want us to pay 3 times. When Brendan Howlin brought in the increase in motor tax etc in 1997, he didnt reduce the general taxation through which we were already paying then.
Water charges are just a tax grab from the general citizenry including the very poor.
By contrast there is no tax on the Financial Assets (shares, deposits etc) of the very rich. CSO Institutional Sector Accounts show that the Financial Assets of the top 10% of households are now 35 billion above PEAK BOOM LEVEL in 2006. The Sunday independent RIch List claims that the top 12 wealthiess have more in total assets than the next 288. the top 12 have over 50 billion in total assets which represents an increase of 6 billion in the past year alone. Not a penny in extra revenue has been taken from this source.
Colm McCarthy as a professor of economics knows all this!

And they want a person in negative equity to pay Local Property Tax and 3 times for water!!


Paddy Healy - April 9, 2017

Moredetails on above: Irish Super-Rich Awash With Money on my blog http://wp.me/pKzXa-n4
In response to Seamus in the Dáil, Michael Noonan falsely claimed that Deposit Interest Retention Tax (DIRT) is a tax on Assets. Of Course it is not. Itis a tax on INTEREST on Assets which is an income tax which is retained at source and deducted from the income tax owed by the individual each year.


EWI - April 9, 2017

I was surprised to read the false claim by Colm McCarthy that domestic water is free without direct charges. Though very right-wing, he is normally factually correct.

Domestic water in Dublin and other areas is the product of more than a century of local authority investment (coming ultimately from rates).


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