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And what of 1917? April 18, 2017

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I’ve a growing sense that the broader remembrance, let alone commemoration, of the events of 1917 in Russia and the establishment of the USSR are very marginal in a wider public consciousness – and not just in Ireland. What do people think?


1. bjg - April 18, 2017
2. Jolly Red Giant - April 18, 2017

It is the responsibility of the left to popularise the revolutionary events of this period from a working class perspective – everything the political establishment will do is to minimise and/or denigrate working class struggle.

A small example of that during the week was when Myles Dungan was on RTE radio talking about how the Limerick Soviet was an example of nationalist defiance against the British Military and dismissing the socialist nature of the action (similar to Cahill’s book which he praised).


3. fergal - April 18, 2017

All commemorations of such events are really about the present and not the past as such, and the spin put on past events coincides with political clivages today.
How can a nationalist like Putin celebrate 1917? Not by emphasizing revolutionary struggle and social justice but by talking up the Russian story in the revolution?


4. Occasional Lurker - April 18, 2017

Sadly 1917 might be regarded as more a historical fact than a pivotal moment which continues to have bearing and to be based on an idea that still is relevant.

It’s worse not to be talked about than talked about.


5. Aengus Millen - April 19, 2017

It does seem to have been the occasion of some renewed scholarly interest as I’ve seen a few books about the October revolution scheduled for release. Though who knows how reliable they’ll be.


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