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Help with German …… April 18, 2017

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This was in a pile of German Republican material that I have, I don’t speak German and don’t think it’s Republican. Any German Linguists know what it is about?



1. Lamentreat - April 18, 2017

It’s a flyer from the Hamburg autonomist scene in 1996, calling on people to go on a daytrip to Sylt, a wealthy holiday island,to “bring poverty, chaos, all the problems of us marginalized and violent proletarians” to show the wealthy burghers. But said with a wink: meaning, the idea is to fuck things up and cause some trouble in the sunshine.

Background is not clear, but they suggest there was something similar the previous year. That ended up with arrests and people prevented from doing anything, so they are looking for more and bigger this year.

The newspaper cutting refers to that previous event. It is from a German tabloid, Bild I guess, saying Hamburg troublemakers took advantage of cheap rail tickets to go and riot on Sylt – resulting in demolished cars, 10,000 marks damage to a railway carriage, police pelted with beer cans.


2. Lamentreat - April 18, 2017

The rhyming headline “Euch das Winseln, uns das Inseln” = more or less “You’ll get to whimper, we’ll get the islands.”


irishelectionliterature - April 18, 2017

Thanks a million for that.


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