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Anti-Semitism April 19, 2017

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Anti-semitism is a very strange phenomenon, isn’t it? Take this instance here…. in the UK recently where the CPS was considering prosecuting a far-right ‘activist’ for the following:

Bedford-Turner is alleged to have appeared at a sparsely attended rally in Westminster, where he said: “All politicians are nothing but a bunch of puppets dancing to a Jewish tune, and the ruling regimes in the west for the last 100 years have danced to the same tune.” He allegedly added: “Let’s free England from Jewish control.” The Campaign Against Antisemitism says he claimed the French revolution and both world wars were perpetrated by the Jews.

If you’ve read Hitler and some other anti-semites it is clear how there’s a pathological aspect to their hatred. Not that that isn’t replicated in other racisms (one thinks of attitudes to African Americans in the southern US), but I’m always struck by the use of language in relation to anti-semitism. I’ve never heard about contemporary societies being ‘swamped’ by Jews, whereas the opposite is the case in relation to immigrants and so on. Naturally this waxed and waned. In the 1930s it was a different matter – then the idea of swamping was used by the Nazi’s in their anti-semitic propaganda. Yet the supposed ‘dangers’ of the Jews is out all proportion to their numbers for those who are anti-semitic. And what is equally striking is how, for all the rhetoric about Islam (and more than rhetoric) dig a bit on the alt-right and that same focus on Jews is evident.

Meanwhile this provides an overview of the ‘activist’…


1. Occasional Lurker - April 19, 2017

I have friends from North Africa and the middle East both of whom have told me that where they grew up news were considered haram (not clean) and the house would have to be cleaned if a Jewish person had entered. In both countries those were Jewish people who spoke the respective languages.
In Europe and elsewhere anti semitism seems to be so ingrained into some viewpoints that it’s immune from any analysis even if the people who held such views were inclined to do so.

The weirdest example is Jobbik which is so anti semitic it’s pro Iranian.


2. Brian Hanley - April 20, 2017

It would be difficult (even for anti-semites) to claim Jews are ‘swamping’ a contemporary society. However from the 1880s-1940s the fear of mass Jewish immigration was a major trope in anti-semitism in America and western Europe; and the complaints about undercutting native workers and businesses, introducing alien religion, language and culture and fomenting political agitation were all employed against Jews. It even had echoes here, though in relatively minor ways.


Michael Carley - April 20, 2017

I think part of the anti-Semitic fantasy is that Jews are dangerous because there are so few of them: a small element infiltrating the healthy organism, rather than a large force which can be openly confronted.


EWI - April 20, 2017

Also, the fact that they’re (obviously) not Christianists. All potential cracks in the smooth façade that is religious ‘faith’ have to be resisted, otherwise you might even have people saying that it’s all bs.


ar scáth a chéile - April 22, 2017

I was reading Richard Evans’s brilliant “the coming of the third Reich ” over Easter. He’s very good on the rise of anti semitsm from late Bismarck period onwards .i hadn’t realised the Jewish population in Germany pre war was so small – about 550,000

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Jim Monaghan - April 20, 2017

While not that big, we did produce Bewley, who made sure not many visas were issued to jews in Germany.


3. roddy - April 20, 2017

Occasional lurker,I have to admit to having been reared in an extremely prejudiced household where “NEWS” were considered haram” Anything published by the Independent group and my father claimed he “would’nt clean his arse with it”!


Occasional Lurker - April 20, 2017



4. fergal - April 20, 2017

Anti- semitism isn’t confined to rhetoric. In recent times it has killed people. The awful death of Ilan Halimi in 2009,the Jewish school in Toulouse in 2012, the Jewish museum in Brussels in 2014, the kosher supermarket attack after the Charlie Hebdo shootings, and the shootings at the Copenhagen synagogue in 2015.
I don’t know, is that about a dozen deaths? Is there any other group whose schools, shops and places of worship have resulted in people dying over the last eight or nine years?


ar scáth a chéile - April 22, 2017

Sadly,attacks of this kind on other groups dohappen:attacks on Shia and Coptics by Sunni jihadists come to mind. As for schools , off the top of my head there’s the Taliban attack on the school in Peshawar and the ISraeli attacks on schools in Gaza, both 2014, and further back there’s Beslan. I know the jihadist attacks and the anti Semitic attacks you mention involve the targeting and hatred of a specific religious/ethnic group and can be distinguished on that basis -but the consequences for the victims of all these atrocities were similar


fergal - April 22, 2017

You’re dead right ar scàth a cheile. I meant in Europe and not worldwide. Europe, cos it gave us -and is still giving us- anti-semitism and the piece above is in reference to some idiot in England.


5. Jim Monaghan - April 20, 2017

I am constantly coming across post from people who consider themselves pro palestinian and indeed Leftist where mention of a certain family owning every central bank is common. For example https://friendsofsyria.wordpress.com//?s=Rothschild+&search=Go
I usually post to the person concerned pointing this out. I usually get ignored. I then before unfriending, try and contact mutual friend pointing it out. 9 out of 10 times I get ignored.
Anti-semitism is there and it is rife. And it is widespread in the Moslem world.


6. Autumn Cote - July 16, 2017

Would it be OK if I cross-posted this article to WriterBeat.com? I’ll be sure to give you cocmplete credit as the author. There is no fee, I’m simply trying to add more content diversity for our community and I liked what you wrote. If “OK” please let me know via email.



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