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This new pacific Trump foreign policy world! April 19, 2017

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The US military is considering shooting down North Korean missile tests as a show of strength to Pyongyang, two sources briefed on the planning have told the Guardian.

Well that’s…er… not at all comforting…



1. Michael Carley - April 19, 2017

What if they miss?


2. Roger Cole - April 19, 2017

Michael, if they miss the US Liberals will be angry, if he kills millions of Koreans millions of US Liberals like Clinton will be very happy, just like the people who run the Irish Times


Michael Carley - April 19, 2017

I meant what happens if the Americans miss and it turns out their missile defence system doesn’t work.


EWI - April 19, 2017

I meant what happens if the Americans miss and it turns out their missile defence system doesn’t work.

Much more likely than you think. The record of ‘Son of Star Wars’, born during the Bush years, was of ludicrously-rigged test firings.

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Michael Carley - April 19, 2017

Oh I know. That’s why I was wondering about them missing. Some of us, I am sure, will remember the record of the Patriot system.

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EWI - April 20, 2017

I certainly do. It ranks with the fictitious ‘incubator babies’ for propaganda notoriety during that war.

I don’t think the Trump administration has any interest in NK, though. Iran is a much bigger target for them, even though they’re the main opponents of Sunni extremism.


Dermot O Connor - April 20, 2017

If they miss?

“CNN reports that the US missile missed its target”.

Trump: “FAKE NEWS!”

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Occasional Lurker - April 20, 2017

Trump: “American workers make the best products, except missiles, Korean workers make the best missiles”

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3. Brian Hanley - April 20, 2017

US liberals might be cheering on Trump but he is the one launching the missiles. And there were people who subscribe to the anti-imperialism of idiots who swore he would never do such a thing- who actually believed Trump’s brand of right-wing isolationism was actually progressive in some way. Thats the tragedy.


oconnorlysaght - April 20, 2017

Well Brian, isn’t that parallelled by the Lexiteers belief that departure from the EU on any terms must be progressive?


Brian Hanley - April 20, 2017



Starkadder - April 20, 2017

Diana Johnstone, the Milosevic and Putin apologist, springs to mind:

…the Trump presidency provides an opportunity to avoid war with Russia. This is a window of opportunity than will be slammed shut if the Clintonite establishment and the War Party get their way. Whether they realize it or not, the street protesters are helping that establishment delegitimatize Trump and sabotage the one positive element in his program: peace with Russia.

Diana Johnstone,, Counterpunch magazine DECEMBER 19, 2016.

Ah yes. Very interesting this looks now, in the light of the Syria attack and Trump now endorsing NATO.


4. Alibaba - April 20, 2017

A separate but related thing: memories of the Korean War are not forgotten by the veterans and their relatives. Close to six million American men and women served in that war. We can’t exclude the possibility of Trump going gung-ho in relation to anywhere, but this may not be as likely in North Korea as some suspect.


5. CL - April 20, 2017

Trump has certainly p.o. the paleocons and the the alt-right:

“The promise of a Trump presidency — that we would start looking out for our own country and own national interests first and let the rest of the world solve, or fail to solve, its own problems — appears, not 100 days in, to have been a mirage.
Will more wars make America great again?”

But he has pleased the necons:

“An advocate for “regime change” in Syria and a co-founder of the Project for the New American Century which pushed for the Iraq War, Kagan praised Trump “for doing what the Obama administration refused to do,” i.e., involve the U.S. military directly in attacks on the Syrian government.”

But for the National Review-type conservatives Trump is not a neocon.

“In direct contradiction to isolationism, he said repeatedly on the campaign trail that he would take the war to ISIS and build up our defenses….
He hasn’t seriously embraced regime change anywhere (even if his foreign-policy officials say Assad has to go). He shows no sign of a willingness to make a major commitment of U.S. ground troops abroad.”

Can Trump hold together the Republican coalition?


6. Zinni - April 29, 2017

I wonder if we are awaiting the third world war😐😐😐


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