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An expedient extension… April 21, 2017

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Seeing that the negotiations over the formation of a Northern Ireland Executive etc are now to be extended until the end of June, safely past the UK General Election one could argue the that latter was, in some respects, quite an expedient development pushing matters yet further out. And then, presuming we have a Tory victory and very likely a new UK Minister involved, why not delay it further? After all, as noted in the report above in the IT, that latest extension pushes it right into marching season which while some heat has been taken out in recent years isn’t exactly the best possible back drop.

And for those who might think the British might not be too unhappy with no Assembly etc…

After Sinn Féin’s meeting with Mr Brokenshire, its northern leader Michelle O’Neill said there is a growing belief among the nationalist community that the British government “would prefer no local Assembly to one which stands against the Tories’ Brexit agenda”.
“I told him the British government have done nothing over the course of last seven weeks to achieve an agreement. It’s clear that the people of the north who voted to remain in the EU are regarded as saboteurs by Theresa May and her clique of Tory Brexiteers. We are no more than collateral damage.
“Theresa May needs to hear clearly from the people of the north that we don’t want Brexit, we don’t want a border and we don’t want Tory cuts and austerity.”

Difficult not to think she’s correct in her analysis.


1. Roger Cole - April 21, 2017

Tend to agree with you WorldbyStorm. May seems to be saying all those that don’t agree with her as traitors, so the NI Assembly where the majority, like the Scottish Assembly are opposed to the Tory HARD BREXIT strategy, would be better off not existing, so Direct Rule by her is the best option. Since the DUP campaigned for a no vote as well, they probably agree as well, especially if the full implementation of the GFA means a genuine power sharing agreement.


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