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The Citizens’ Assembly speaks April 22, 2017

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From the IT… interesting news that must have significant political implications down the lin

The Citizens’ Assembly has voted overwhelmingly to amend the Constitutional provision on abortion.


The first ballot had two options: that “Article 40.3.3 should be retained in full”, or that “Article 40.3.3 should not be retained in full”.

Of 91 eligible voters, just 12 voted for the first proposition (13 per cent), while 79 voted in favour of the second (87 per cent).


1. Róisín - April 22, 2017

Over on twitter, Mairead Enright has an explanation of the process of the various ballots https://twitter.com/maireadenright/status/855742329491267584.

She also has a good thread looking at the next options available in to the Assembly: https://twitter.com/maireadenright/status/855743281229070336

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2. Geraldus Galwensis - April 23, 2017

I understand that a majority of the 91 Citizens Assembly voters didn’t vote to Repeal the 8th. So what strategy will the Repeal the 8th campaign now adopt to cope with the uncertainty among public representatives about what kind of amended Article 43:3:3 the Dail might present for a referendum?


dublinstreams - April 23, 2017

Repeal the 8th will adopt the same strategy that it has been because there was no way the CA was going to propose repeal.


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