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J.J. Smyths to close this evening… April 23, 2017

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Always sorry to see a venue close its doors…

J.J. Smyths, Ireland’s oldest blues/jazz venue, will host its last ever gig this Sunday after thirty years as a home from home for some of the country’s best jazz and blues musicians.

The intimate Aungier Street room was a spiritual home for the likes of late jazz guitarist Louis Stewart, Noel Kelehan’s Ozone quintet, Nigel Mooney, Richie Buckley, and acclaimed Steely Dan tribute act Aja.

But I have to be honest. I have never once darkened its door… I can’t believe no one I liked never played there. There’s mention of Steely Dan tribute act, Aja, in the piece. Always loved SD, so I’m wondering what are they like, has anyone seen and heard them?


1. sonofstan - April 23, 2017

Saw maybe half a dozen shows there, probably over all of those 30 years. Chiefly remember it as the green room for Paul Thomas’ Recording Company studio across Longford St.

Dublin does ok in terms of quantity of venues, certainly compared with most UK cities, but i have to say, there’s nowhere i’ve any great affection for, the way i do now for Oto in London or a few others. the joinery was the last great venue and that’s gone 2 or 3 years. A change in the licensing laws, alliwing places that don’t have a pub license to sell booze, without necessarily becoming pubs, would be a big help.

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2. 6to5against - April 23, 2017

I really liked it for the thursday evening jazz session with Richie and Hugh Buckley. It was real music, a friendly vibe and no rip-off.

Having said that, havent been back there since I left the city, and the crowds were never great. So I’m saddened but not shocked that its going.


3. Joe - April 24, 2017

Hughie Buckley was a neighbour of mine growing up. Linked up with him again via facebook mainly in the last few years. Never been to a gig in JJ’s and of course meant to in the last few years to see Hughie in action, but never did. My life is bad and sad.
I remember JJ’s as Dublin’s lesbian bar in the early eighties (?). Wonder what will happen to it now.


4. Les - October 31, 2017

I can go back a good bit further, into the late 70’s, when JJ’s was known as “The Thomas Moore House”. I played in there with a band called “Wiskie Styl”. Like JJ’s , it always had a good buzz to it.
Getting our gear up the stairs and trying to find parking , even then, was always a hassle, but I enjoyed playing there,we always got a great sound in that room. Anyway, life goes on. Good memories!.


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