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A cunning plan… April 26, 2017

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Tom McGurk has a plan, and it’s not a bad one. For he writes in the SBP this weekend about how Sinn Féin, the SDLP and other parties in the North could run on an anti-Brexit line jointly perhaps…

Hold on, hold on. This is of course the same Tom McGurk who has strenuously argued that Brexit is no bad thing, that it would in fact make sense for the ROI to rejoin what he terms the ‘mothership’.

But how on earth can both those approaches be true? Okay, he clearly regards this as political utilitarianism. He writes:

There are wider arguments, too, for an anti-Brexit pact. Certainly equalling or overtaking the traditional Unionst seat count would significantly add to the growing debate about a border poll. I don’t think for a moment it would impact on the continuing indifference in Brussels to regional variations, but its political impact would be felt across these islands.

I actually think he’s got a point re a unified anti-Brexit approach in the North. At the very least it accords with the all-island sentiment. But it’s difficult in a way to discern what principle he works from in relation to all this. Anti-EU – fine, fair enough, but then anti-Brexit as a tactical turn?

It’s… confusing.


1. irishelectionliterature - April 26, 2017

Thought an anti-Brexit pact had been ruled out by various parties already.


2. An Sionnach Fionn - April 26, 2017

The Alliance Party nixed a Progressive Pact from the start and now the Green Party has jumped ship on equally nebulous grounds.

In truth, both parties rely on pro-union voters for a majority of their support and neither were prepared to alienate that constituency by appearing insufficiently small “u” unionist. An electoral pact with SF and the SDLP would have been used by their conservative unionist rivals, UUP and DUP, to beat them over the head with in Down and Antrim. So both the Alliance and the Greens placed party before country. Or Europe. Or progressive politics. Or take your pick.

It’s that simple really.

Hopefully northern nationalist voters will remember this come polling day. Though I doubt it. The Alliance and Greens are experts at playing both ends of the pitch. And the press.


3. roddy - April 26, 2017

Never gave either SDLP, Alliance or the Greens a preference as all three can’t be trusted.Used to give McCann my number 2 in Euros but since he joined the Indo / Irish Times journalistic “get Adams” cabal he can take a running jump to himself.


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