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A measured defence… April 27, 2017

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I think this isn’t bad from George Monbiot – an honest but heartfelt appeal to people to vote Labour in the UK elections. And he asks some very pertinent questions of those whose virulent hatred of Corbyn blinds them…

Those who tolerated anything the Labour party did under Blair tolerate nothing under Corbyn. Those who insisted that we should vote Labour at any cost turn their backs as it seeks to recover its principles.
They proclaimed undying loyalty when the party stood for the creeping privatisation of the NHS, the abandonment of the biggest corruption case in British history, the collapse of Britain’s social housing programme, bans on peaceful protest, detention without trial, the kidnap and torture of innocent people and an illegal war in which hundreds of thousands died. They proclaim disenchantment now that it calls for the protection of the poor, the containment of the rich and the peaceful resolution of conflict.

I’m not convinced though by the following:

Corbyn’s team has been hopeless at handling the media and managing his public image. This is a massive liability, but it also reflects a noble disregard for presentation and spin. Shouldn’t we embrace it?

He is right to note that Gordon Brown was given far more latitude by LPers in that regard, but we live in a radically different world to one where hopelessness and liabilities are tolerable, let alone effective in any meaningful way. People are clued into visual and other promotional and publicity and policy approaches. They expect better. I don’t think that’s unreasonable.

And it’s a false equivalence between honesty=slapdash presentation. There’s nothing unprincipled about making the best possible case in the best possible way. But it has to be the best case. So polish without principles is pointless. Perhaps that’s the key.


1. GW - April 27, 2017

Fair enough.

But as some of us predicted all UK politics (and much of RoI politics) will be about #Borkit for the foreseeable to the neglect of all forms of class politics.

And Labour are pretty much indistinguishable from the Tories on this.

And nearly as deluded.

The Labour Brexit spokesman, Keir Starmer, and the government are united in believing they can persuade the EU to provide the benefits of the single market and customs union without agreeing to freedom of movement. With Merkel facing an election of her own later this year against an opponent who says it is inconceivable that lorries and money should be able to cross borders freely, but not people, the German chancellor appears to be making clear she has her own political red lines.


2. dublinstreams - April 27, 2017

“polish without principles is pointless” are you talking about Blair?


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