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Kenny… April 27, 2017

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Talking to someone this week the point was made to me that Enda Kenny had managed his departure so perfectly that not only was there no sign of his imminent exit, but that he’d left his two most likely successors looking more than a bit foolish. But what do people think is his likely longevity, politically speaking, at this point?


1. irishelectionliterature - April 27, 2017

At the moment the polls are showing that the makeup of the next Dail will depend on another “confidence and supply” agreement between FF and FG , so there is no rush from FF for an election.
So Enda can easily hang on another six months if he wants and who knows continue on until the Popes visit.
Varadkar and Coveney are too afraid to be the one putting the knife into Endas back , so he is stringing them along as there is no challenge.
He could easily be Taoiseach this time next year.


2. dublinstreams - April 27, 2017

Blame Canada


3. Roger Cole - April 27, 2017

The longer he hangs on, the weaker Varadkar and Coveney, become, and the stronger Kenny appears, even FF’s Leader Martin begins to look weak as well. So when it come to being the longest lasting Taoiseach, Kenny is chasing Dev’s record.


4. oconnorlysaght - April 27, 2017

We should never underestimate even a small town Tamany politician.


5. dublinstreams - April 27, 2017

probably look bad for Coveneny to seen to be too quick to leave his ministery.


6. Aengus Millen - April 27, 2017

It definitely hurts Coveney and Vradkar which hurts the party in turn when one of them becomes leader. It’s not as if there is another viable successor so it is just uselessly petty and destructive on Kenny’s part. All good for us though I guess. On your point dublinstreams I think like Vradkar in health Coveney’s success or failure in housing is gonna be ultimately unimportant to his success internally in FG though both of their records provide fodder for election time.


7. dublinstreams - April 27, 2017

Just finished reading An Unlikely Taoiseach by John Downing and am none the wiser as how Kenny got to be leader of FG other then he backed John Burton so Bruton backed him. Reading the profile of Kenny in the Village Magazine https://villagemagazine.ie/index.php/2017/03/enda-kenny-good-for-business-but-not-equity-or-the-environment/ was what made me buy the book I wanted to know more about the quote below but its no in that book, or online anywhere afaik. “Kenny stood again and defeated Richard Bruton, Phil Hogan and Gay Mitchell. Kenny pursued a populist line on immigration, street crime, paedophilia and homeowners’ rights.”


Aengus Millen - April 27, 2017

I kind of always figured that having lost terribly in 2002 they went for someone who had been a TD forever and one of the relatively few who had retained their seat. He may also have been meant to be a placeholder for Bruton who obviously tried to oust him in 2010. However by that point with power so close people who had gotten close to Kenny may have stuck with him to get cabinet posts.


8. sonofstan - April 27, 2017

It’s like a moonwalk isn’t it? he appears to be moving in one direction while in fact…..

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9. shea - April 27, 2017

not the first heave against him either. not sure if he is blessed in his enemies or they are cursed in theirs.

if he leaves there is no guarantee that FF will support his replacement, one in their leaders constituency as well.

So as long as FF decide to support the government or after the pope visits.


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