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Sacrilege…. April 29, 2017

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Don’t agree with this. Feels very click baity. Not least because of one glaring error in regard to the characters in Season 7 of Buffy in the following. 

The seventh season overloaded the show with a sudden cast of thousands. Enter Buffy’s Potential Slayers, only two of whom, Kennedy and Rona, have anything resembling an identifiable personality (three if you count “being unremittingly irritating” as a trait, in which case you may include Amanda) and none of whom the audience have the time or the inclination to care about. They crowded out the original Scooby Gang (Willow, Xander, Giles and Cordelia) and required Buffy to be more “military general” than “Slayer”. Suddenly, episodes filled with pep talks and tactics instead of action interspersed with witty banter.

Frankly I think most seasons held up really well. Seven was interesting if only because it pulled together so many narrative strands so successfully. Moreover right to the end it maintained a genuine sense of peril about the characters. Sure there were a few longuers and in retrospect Caleb was less fully used than might be expected. But I really liked the way it dealt directly with misogyny in a way that hadn’t been fully explored up to that point and I have to wonder if some of the seemingly modish animosity to it derives from that focus on that issue.

Am half way through a rewatch – just finished Season 4 and while I always thought that was perhaps the weakest I’m slightly reappraising that judgement. I vastly prefer Riley this time around.There’s a lot to like in the portrayal of Spike and the idea of the Initiative was fantastic – the combination of fantasy and SF elements worked well. Bar in Adam. There I think there was an issue and I’m hard pressed to work out what it was. He seemed perhaps incidental to the action in a way that other adversaries didn’t. But perhaps that was the point of the exercise.

And now onto Glory, Dawn and Season 5.


1. Phil - April 29, 2017

Bits of s7 did irk me, relating to the Potentials in particular – the English accents, the way Kennedy moves in on Willow – but overall I think it works. The problem, if it is a problem, is that the ending of s5 was at once so perfect and so very supernatural (Joel Grey!) that s6 brings us down to earth with a bump – almost back to s1 with its demons-of-the-week and semi-comic high school bad boys. But I think Whedon was doing something quite clever there, shifting the focus to banal human evil – which, of course, gets pretty damn evil by the end of the season – then digging deeper into religous intolerance and misogyny in s7, while also reminding us that Buffy’s grown up. But season 5 is definitely a peak of sorts.


WorldbyStorm - April 29, 2017

Fully agree. S5 is amazing. I still find the last episode very difficult to watch and another one or two in it as well. That’s true re S6 – never thought they got the balance right re the bad boys. S7 I like for different reasons – hahah the English accents are grim!


2. ivorthorne - April 29, 2017

Season 7 was good but had a few irritating bits and missed opportunities. It was nice to see Buffy stepping​ up and becoming a leader/inspiration who shared her power with others.

The biggest problem with the show I found was the treatment of Xander. They never really knew what to do with him. Sometimes he seemed to develop but this was usually forgotten about rather quickly.

The Season 8 forward comics are worth a read.


WorldbyStorm - April 29, 2017

Yeah, that’s true re Xander. On the one hand he was comic relief, and then on the other he had this weight of truly grim stories on his shoulders. The wedding was for me one of the worst story lines, it made no real sense given his character and tipped into soap territory.


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