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This Weekend I’ll Mostly Be Listening to… Advaeta April 29, 2017

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Got to love the internet. I put a search in recently for “feminist and shoe gaze” and what appears but Brooklyn based three person group Advaeta.

Their album Death and the Internet was released in 2015 to pretty much general acclaim and rightly so. It’s nine tracks, forty-three minutes long, and filled with propulsive music – guitar based and yes, touching on shoe gaze but with some other influences in there and some innovations all their own.

For Advaeta aren’t content to rest on the laurels of shoe gaze pioneers before them. Instead of smooth guitar sounds there is an abrasive quality to the sound that proves perhaps surprisingly listenable. Sure there’s echoey fuzz and reverbed guitar – those cathedrals of sound that shoe gaze has proved so adept at delivering since the early 1990s.

But on top of that is some notably muscular riffing. Church Cult typifies this perfectly. There are the chiming tones in the background, but then on top are bass sounds and crunchy guitar, so much so that this seems to nudge close to the louder end of psychedelia (and perhaps the shades of the heavier side of Joy Division style post-punk at times – exhibit A: Hazel Blue Eyes). But then there are the vocals – apparently shared, and which move seamlessly from near whispers to yelps. Those vocals owe much more, to my ears, to post-punk (the Slits come to mind listening to Your New Life in Pictures) than to later developments. And all the better for it.

It all makes for a compelling mix and to be honest it’s an hugely refreshing addition to an area of musical endeavour that can on occasion be somewhat smoothly predictable. This crashes and stumbles and lays waste to all around it and yet keeps on going. Not so much Slowdive as Spacemen 3 (or the more raucous moments of EMA) but a Spacemen 3 that managed to wake themselves up and go fast and then faster. For that’s another aspect that is hugely enjoyable – some of the songs tear along at a rapid rate of knots. And there’s the lyrics which appear to take a most sceptical view of human relationships. Much to like there.

As is true of the album in its entirety.



Church Cult

Divide (Live)

Hazel Blue Eyes (live)


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