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Steve Hackett at Vicar Street April 30, 2017

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Managed to get there this last week and highly entertained I was too. I wouldn’t say I was a great fan of Genesis, indeed I’d have thought at times I was no fan at all, but there was a certain interest and pleasure in hearing the early to mid 1970s iteration of that group live. Hackett, though, I’ve liked since the early 1980s.

And there was an oddness to it too. This surely was what punk had set out to destroy. But not a bit of it. Hackett himself was an amiable presence offering a good forty minutes of new material (I like it, some won’t – it’s like goth by way of someone who has never heard any goth but come to it through prog and a chunk of Zeps Physical Graffiti) before winding the clock back forty odd years to Wind and Wuthering, the first Collins led Genesis album and the last he played guitar on.

I have to admit to liking that record, and I’d only listened to it in the last few months. Actually I quite like a fair bit of Gabriel led Genesis too. Sure Watcher in the Skies sounds amazingly unsophisticated in comparison to Hawkwind at that time(!) and there’s a clunkiness, but I’m not averse to the baroque or melancholy aspects of the music.

The rest of the group is a bizarrely entertaining crew from singer Nad Sylvan who is more or less wheeled in to offer Gabriel/Collins like vocals on the older tracks, and who brings his own frankly weird aesthetic to it, to a bass guitarist who appears to have missed his vocation to be in a metal band.

I’d have liked more solo Hackett, but then that wasn’t the purpose of the evening.

On other interesting aspect was a quietly political subtext – pro-refugee and immigrant, and the point emphasised in a number of comments from the stage.


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