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Manchester May 23, 2017

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An appalling event in Manchester last night with – as of now – 22 people murdered by a suicide bomber. Campaigning in the UK General Election has been suspended.

Left Archive: Miriam Daly Poster from An Camchéachta/The Starry Plough, IRSP, Iúil/July 1980 May 22, 2017

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He knows his base, unfortunately May 22, 2017

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Leo Varadkar says he will introduce legislation banning public sector workers from striking in essential services if elected Taoiseach.

Just a thought on the UK polls May 22, 2017

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As noted by Dermot O’Connor here, the weekend polls continued to show the BLP increasing its vote.

The Conservative lead over Labour has fallen by six points in the last month, but the party retains a commanding advantage in the latest Opinium poll for the Observer.

Theresa May’s party has a 13-point lead over Labour, with a 46% share of the vote. The party is down one point on last week’s poll.

However, Labour has increased its poll share to 33%, up a point on a week ago and up seven points on a month earlier. The Lib Dems remain in third place on 8% of the vote, with Ukip on 5%. Both are unchanged since last week.

It’s interesting how this is considered in some of the accompanying reporting. For example the Guardian quotes this:

Adam Drummond, the head of political polling at Opinium, said: “With the Conservatives retaining such a significant lead and the Liberal Democrats failing to take flight, Labour-leaning voters who dislike Jeremy Corbyn appear to be gradually returning to the fold, safe in the knowledge that they can vote against a Tory landslide without making him prime minister.

“Although the Tory lead is shrinking, the slow rate of change means that it will be mid-August before Labour close the gap.”

As always, short of catastrophe, the Tories are almost inevitably going to win this one. But. But. The thought strikes on how much self-inflicted damage the BLP went into this election with and how that coloured the last couple of years. Those who inflicted that damage – those who refused to countenance Corbyn’s leadership, really do have a lot to answer for. Their inability to accept his democratic legitimacy is almost certainly going to have cost the LP vital percentage points at the polls. One could go further. Their antics prior to the Brexit referendum almost certainly led to a perception of weakness about Corbyn and the LP that fed in to the result of the vote.

Yet the reality is that – as the old line goes, there’s no life outside the (Labour) party. For those on the centre left in England and Wales (Scotland is obviously different) it is the only game in town. And this has ramifications for how matters proceed over the next number of years.

I think it likely that much the same conditions will pertain in relation to the balance of forces inside the BLP, albeit now Corbyn may well have significantly improved on the last GE outing some years back and under a different leader. For a better result for the LP means many more on the right and centre right of the party being returned. They’re going to have to come to terms with the political terrain they’ve helped shaped. And pretty fast too. It’s going to be an interesting few years ahead, and that’s quite apart from the bigger issues – so to speak.

World Goth Day May 22, 2017

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Is today!

Here’s some songs from goth or allied genres from the 2010s…

Polls on Brexit… May 21, 2017

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Some interesting stats in this poll on Brexit… full details aren’t yet available from RTÉ but some straws in the wind.

The poll, commissioned for David McWilliams’ Brexit, Trump and Us, (Monday, 9.35pm, RTÉ One) shows that 82% of respondents think our politicians should be tougher in their dealings with the EU over Brexit.

When asked whether voters trusted parties to the upcoming Brexit negotiations to protect Irish interests: 75% of voters trust our own Government to do so; 72% trust the EU’s negotiating team; while only 43% trust the British government.


On the whole, the survey found that voters see our future within the EU, with 71% agreeing that Ireland should stay in the EU, even if the outcome of the Brexit negotiations are bad for the country.

This next surprises me.

Voters also want to see a closer-knit Europe after Britain leaves the Union, with 67% of respondents saying that they want to see further EU integration once a Brexit deal has been agreed.

Though overall this kind of tallies with this from earlier in the month… I’m presuming the above poll has more options which channel support into stronger and weaker categories.

It found that 88% of Irish people agree that Ireland should stay in the EU, with 11% disagreeing.

Attitudes to Brexit remain relatively unchanged from last year, with 82% believing the UK should have voted to remain in the EU.

Just 16% believe that Ireland should follow the UK out of the European Union, and 87% believe that on balance, Ireland has benefited from being a member of the EU.

Sunday Independent Stupid Statement of the Week May 21, 2017

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This week, let’s just all take the time to enjoy Ruth Dudley Edwards having to acknowledge that her favourite newspaper had apparently let her down badly.

Instead with what turned into ‘Blondegate’, with the unwitting help of the Sunday Independent Sinn Fein has had another hit in its long-running ‘Winding-up- the-Prods’ strategy.

The column also notes that her book on the Rising. The Seven, has been shortlisted for the Orwell Prize. Somehow appropriate one might feel.

Cinema story… May 21, 2017

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This should give pause for thought, a report on disputes in the cinema business with workers in the UK pushing back against minimum wages and seeking living wages. As one worker noted:

“I’m paid £9.05 per hour for nine hours. I can’t live on popcorn and free cinema tickets. It’s a struggle. We genuinely believe that staff in London and elsewhere deserve the security of having wages pegged to the cost of living.”

That leadership campaign… May 21, 2017

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Yesterday, according to RTÉ, was the day nominations closed for the FG leadership? Really? And we’ve been treated to the ‘race’ from the moment that Kenny resigned. The whole process seems to have been in train for a very long time now (and in a way it has, hasn’t it?).

As to the outcome…

The present and the future… May 20, 2017

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We should, I guess, expect a lot more of this in the future.


Los Angeles international airport’s (LAX) new private terminal for the mega-rich…The $22m facility, the first of its kind in the US, opens on Monday, giving the 1% a whole new way to separate themselves from everyone else’s reality.

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