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Church and State May 3, 2017

Posted by irishelectionliterature in Uncategorized.

Yesterday there was a debate in the Dail over the Dail Prayer .
Which in this day and age seems ridiculous that our Parliament should even be debating such an action, the prayer should be gone. There should be a separation between Church and State.
On that Separation between Church and State …. I attended a lunchtime protest outside the Dail, poor enough crowd I thought although the time it was on may have had an impact. The idea that somehow the Church will allow procedures contrary to it’s beliefs be carried out in the proposed new National Maternity Hospital beggars belief. Terms such as Clinical Independence have been bandied about however I don’t trust nor would I entrust the Church with Reproductive Healthcare.
I may be wrong but as the Church in Ireland shrinks I imagine those faithful left will be far less willing to compromise on moral issues than the likes of Archbishop Martin.
The issue is discussed here in Oireachtas Retorts latest show which is well worth a listen.


1. Damon Matthew Wise Âû - May 3, 2017

Given the fact that Jedi is established as a religion, and Vulcan and church of the Pastafarian – if any one cult of the Christian Sect of the Abrahamic split off Zoroastrianism Judeo-Christian-Muslim Monotheism is allowed ALL Must be allowed or non.

In which case should we not likewise spoof our own beliefs in the oxymoron of State position to have Dáil prayers, Life Lang and Proper, May the Farce be with Yew, or In the name of the Grate Spogatti Blob or whatever spoof we can evoke equally farce out there.

Speaking as an inclusionist – all rights must be observed on religious tolerance, and no preference towards any quack religion over another!

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2. Joe - May 3, 2017

I was called for jury duty recently. A case that would be of major interest to many on here. When told that the case would go on for a minimum of 6 weeks, I gave an excuse and was excused – as did 90% of the others called.
But anyway, if you are accepted onto the jury you are asked firstly to place your hand on the Bible and swear an oath or alternatively to just swear an oath without the Bible. But the latter is very much the second option and no other holy books are mentioned.
A potential juror has to ‘make a statement’ about themselves by choosing the latter – which might be enough for a defence or prosecution to decide to object to same juror.


Michael Carley - May 3, 2017

When I was a witness at an employment tribunal in the UK, before entering the court to give evidence I was asked “Swear or affirm?” and if I had said “swear” I would have been asked “which book?”


Joe - May 3, 2017

Actually yeah. I think ‘affirm’ is the word used here. Take the Bible and swear or affirm (without the Bible) – something like that.


3. Alibaba - May 3, 2017

IEL, I think you nailed it when you say: “The idea that somehow the Church will allow procedures contrary to it’s beliefs be carried out in the proposed new National Maternity Hospital beggars belief.” Mind you, there are whispers that Archbishop Martin has made it known that he won’t be available for the chairmanship of the new maternity hospital. That Chair has the casting vote. No wonder it looks like he’s backing away.

Here’s an interesting article where the author challenges the ‘agreement’ reached via Kieran Mulvey mediation.


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irishelectionliterature - May 3, 2017

After the X Case was legislated for there were petitions from The Pro Life Campaign asking Hospital Boards to excuse themselves from the new laws on Religious grounds as it contravened their Religious ethos.
I just can’t understand how they think the Church will stand back and allow every aspect of Maternity care take place even if they are against Catholic teaching.
There is also the feeling that there will be an element of the staff who may use the “ethos” of the Hospital to no carry out certain procedures.


4. damonmatthewwise - May 4, 2017

May the Fourth be with you!


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