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Huh? Have I missed something? May 4, 2017

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A third proposal from Solidarity/People Before Profit TD Joan Collins to replace the daily prayer with 30 seconds of silent reflection was also defeated by 96 votes to 19, with 17 abstentions.

On the issue itself – small steps.

Following this, the overall vote on adding 30 seconds of silent reflection to the daily prayer was passed.


1. dublinstreams - May 4, 2017

except it now says “(2) All members present shall stand while the
prayer is being read, and when it is
concluded, members shall remain standing
for 30 seconds of silent reflection.’.”” http://www.oireachtas.ie/documents/thisweek/motions_2017/m060417.pdf it previously didn’t say anything about what members should do while the prayer was being read out.

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Joe - May 4, 2017

They’re a bunch of know-nothings in that Dáil. Anyone with a granny knows that for each member who remains standing for the prayer and doesn’t move their feet, twenty souls will be released from purgatory. Mattie McGrath is a disgrace that he didn’t ensure this was included in the standing orders.

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damonmatthewwise - May 4, 2017

Like Hell – Thew Catholic church abandoned the Myth of Purgatory a few years ago; was based on the Greek three afterlifes, the Romans passed onto them.


Tomboktu - May 5, 2017

Purgatory still seems to be there in the catechism:



ivorthorne - May 5, 2017

You’re thinking of Limbo?

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2. Charlie Cairns - May 4, 2017
dublinstreams - May 4, 2017
WorldbyStorm - May 4, 2017

Yeah, to be honest that was the thing I was getting at in the title. JC being put down as Solidarity-PBP


3. Aengus Millen - May 4, 2017

This shows if nothing else, why we won’t see the recommendations of the citizens assembly implemented.

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4. CL - May 4, 2017

Joan Collins, TD, finds “it incredible that we are debating this issue. This is the twenty-first century. We need to move on….I have not been sent here by the votes of the people in Dublin South Central to have my words and actions directed by Jesus Christ.”


WorldbyStorm - May 4, 2017



5. RosencrantzisDead - May 4, 2017

Why did the Shinners abstain? Anyone know?


Gerryboy - May 4, 2017

1. They are not sure which way the wind is blowing on some issues. 2. They regard the Dail prayer as a frivolous issue in present circumstances. 3. Some Sinn Feiners belong to a Christian denomination. 4. They are not in the business of pleasing the Dublin ‘wild secular left’, and north of the border the secular left wins nul points.

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6. dublinstreams - May 5, 2017

Senan moloney in the Daily Mail yesterday called Joan Collins a Solidarity TD


7. baalthor - May 5, 2017

In an actual church, people aren’t compelled to stand up during prayers


8. damonmatthewwise - May 11, 2017

Arguably unconstitutional


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