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The US administration May 4, 2017

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Jamelle Bouie of Slate.com was on their Political Gabfest recently and he made a very compelling point about the Trump administration:

The problem here is that Trump’s image is of a strong dealmaker leader. [But] Trump himself is not a particularly good dealmaker or strong leader. He is not a cipher so much but he has no ability to manage, no ability to direct, there in a real sense is no effective centre of power in government right now which means that the agents he has are semi-autonomous.

But lest that seem perhaps a back-handed positive he argues that those ‘agents’ are in a position to push through conservative goals, albeit on the qt as with the AHCA.

‘I don’t think Trump is a competent enough President to rein in what people do – if someone wants to gut the ACA Trump neither has the knowledge nor capacity to stop that’.

David Plotz made a further point that the lack of experience and expertise on the part of Republicans in relation to negotiation and planning is satisfying. Pointing to ten years where they were unable to even begin to want to present serious plans as distinct from rhetoric under Obama he says they’re in a position like people where ‘if you want to build a building you need to be able to make plans, pour concrete, and so on, other wise you’ll never build the fucking building’. Seems about right.

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