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They don’t understand the GFA/BA May 5, 2017

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At least the commentors under this piece in the Guardian don’t understand it, many of them. For the complaints about the EU suggesting that it would allow for, in the eventuality of a United Ireland being voted for under the terms of the GFA/BA, the accession of Northern Ireland to the EU, are legion.

A heap of them seem to view any statement by the EU on an UI as temerity. Others are worried that it will unleash bloodshed. One has to think that the psychological distance between this island and the one next door is a lot further than geography alone would suggest.

But it’s not. All this is is a straightforward clarification of the status quo ante and the status of Northern Ireland. Of course this is, as GW noted, no harm to SF and others and it may have some intriguing implications further down the line.

Mind you, if you want a sense of how some English view Ireland – rural, backward, an agricultural vassal state for the UK, there’s no end of material there. And the perceptions of other EU states are arguably even stranger.


1. roddy - May 5, 2017

The Guardian’s grasp of Irish affairs might have something to do with it’s Ireland correspondent being Henry McDonald.


EWI - May 5, 2017

At the least, he won’t have helped it.


2. shea - May 5, 2017

seems to be a line being pushed. Farage is disgusted at irish nationalism being stoked at all that comes with it, most contemptible thing he has heard so far. https://www.facebook.com/LBC/videos/10154993948106558/?pnref=story

not quite sure whats going on but that old assumption that england wants out of the north and would be gone the first chance it gets appears to fall at the first hurdle.


Lamentreat - May 5, 2017

Interesting video – as if to underline his perfect command of 1950s period detail, he actually said “Éire”.

English nationalists pressing any button they can. I am trying to be considered and analytic about the latest political developments over there, but it’s hard not to conclude large swathes of the English public are as thick as shit.

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CL - May 5, 2017

“In 2009-2012, cheap credit of the euro currency and the mass migration of cheap labour from eastern Europe gave Ireland an almighty boom and bust. Who was Ireland’s friend at this devastating juncture?
While Britain immediately offered Ireland a sizeable interest-free loan, the EU on the other hand, unfairly imposed a €64 billion Franco-German bank debt on the Irish taxpayer.”
Nigel Farage

“IRELAND HAS PAID the British government over £67 million in interest eight tranches on money received as part of the bailout.”


3. roddy - May 5, 2017

With regard to UKIP being “as thick as shit”,my late uncle had a more direct expression -“as thick as boar’s dung”!


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