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Tomorrow’s World May 6, 2017

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I hadn’t realised that Tomorrow’s World ran for around 40 years but it did. It did! Anyhow, come the day comes news that:

The BBC is to revive the Tomorrow’s World name for a year-long season of science and technology programmes.

It’s odd, TW seemed to embody that almost starry eyed optimism in regard to technology that seem such a product of the 50s and 60s. And yet it was out at a time when scepticism in regards to science and technology ran high. How could it be otherwise in the 70s. But I always enjoyed it and IIRC there was a fair emphasis on solar energy, renewables, from early on. Though the 1970s theme tune… from John Dankworth no less. Hmmm…

How about this…

This later one is fairly pompous…

And this is different…


1. Dermot O Connor - May 6, 2017

Special mention to Season 2 of ‘Look Around You’ – a perfect pastiche of the techno-futurist-utopianism of TW (also, Peter Serafinowitz must be the most under-rated of talents in the UK):

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