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Here’s part of your problem, yeah right there… May 8, 2017

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What is it about the “centre-left”?

So why did the new mayor of Greater Manchester, Andy Burnham, refuse to attend a victory rally with Jeremy Corbyn outside the city’s convention centre on Friday night? Rather than hail his success alongside the Labour leader, Mayor Burnham was pictured drinking champagne with his campaign team in an exclusive city restaurant, The Refuge, around the time Corbyn rolled into the city.

Macron did something similar after the first round result in France. It’s not so much that Burnham wouldn’t meet Corbyn, that’s a different issue. It is that he was ‘drinking champagne…etc… exclusive city restaurant’. And then they profess astonishment at the fact traditional LP voters peel away.


1. Aengus Millen - May 8, 2017

This was a problem for Hillary too. While the policies of the “center-left” may be better then those of the right they don’t seem to understand something that the right knows in its bone perception is reality in politics.


EWI - May 8, 2017

Oh, no doubt that such slick PR merchants know it – which makes them saboteurs.


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