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Hate filled May 12, 2017

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I don’t have cable or terrestrial television, and watching this on Slate.com I can’t say that I’ve any reason to complain – for the departure of Bill O’Reilly from Fox under a cloud allowed the Daily Show to assemble a ‘worst of’ his moments. I’ve been aware of O’Reilly on and off but to see the essence in five minutes offered by a remarkably genial Trevor Noah (remarkably given the appalling stuff O’Reilly was saying) was something else.

A friend of mine in NYC who is Irish had long complained about O’Reilly’s ‘I’m from an Irish background, the Irish were immigrants, we made it, why can’t African Americans?’ shtick. And my friend isn’t far wrong. What’s telling, and in a way deeply disturbing, is how evident it is that O’Reilly and others prepared the ground for Trump. And O’Reilly’s outright racism is a sight to behold. This was, a part of, the mainstream. There’s no getting away from that. For all the – correct – problems with the alt-right crew, O’Reilly in a sense has been more pernicious for being more visible, less marginalised.

Genuinely incredible stuff. Cringe and anger inducing.

I liked this exchange in comments:


Hate speech is free speech, guys. Stop complaining about other people’s opinions. Freedom of the press, after all.


@CR So what you’re saying is “He has free speech so you shut up!” Two sentences and a fragment and you contradict yourself and mischaracterize what Freedom of the Press means. I’m impressed.


1. EWI - May 12, 2017

The apparent ability of Irish America (or at least the loudest voices therein) to hold such hatred for minorities going through what *they* went through, ending not so long ago, continues to astonish. Is the Kennedy legacy really gone?


Starkadder - May 12, 2017

Possibly because the Irish (like the Jews and Italians) are now regarded as “white” and assimilated into mainstream US society. Hence the fact that some sections of the Irish-American community can dismiss the problems facing Blacks and Latinos
as simply as result of “laziness” or “pathology” on the part of those latter groups.


Michael Carley - May 12, 2017

Read The Wages Of Whiteness. Really. Just read it.



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